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See Video Why Everyone Wants to Come to Texas

Everyone Wants to Come to Texas!

As our state continues to diversify economically and grow exponentially, in terms of population and jobs, these cities demonstrate leadership on multiple fronts, including fostering innovation, maintaining a high quality of life and supporting business.


The "Texaplex" video highlights some of the many factors that make our cities economically strong, from diverse populations to world-class cultural amenities to a legacy of free enterprise.



Also read the article "Lone Star State builds on economic strengths"


Texas is also home to the most successful new beach community, Cinnamon Shore, located just south of San Antonio and Austin on Port Arasnsas Mustang Island.


About Cinnamon Shore

The vision for Cinnamon Shore is that of a small beach town within the larger context of the city of Port Aransas. Cinnamon Shore’s planners envisioned a true community for residents who feel a strong connection to the spare beauty of Mustang Island and to each other. The Town Center Center is intended to be a hub of activity in the midst of wide walkable streets, with shopping, dining, recreation, live entertainment, pools and beach activities.

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