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We Have a Theme Song!


 Listen to 'Cinnamon Shore,' Written for Us!


Lyrics say: “I’ll take it all day, this way/Give me some more … Cinnamon Shore.”


Texas country music artist Mark McKinney says that being at Cinnamon Shore is  “like living in a summer song.” We recognize truth when we hear it, and we’re thrilled he’s put his singer-songwriter skills to work creating such an accurate, first-ever theme song for us!

In honor of our new expansion at Cinnamon Shore South, we asked Mark to write more than a jingle for us.We wanted a true, foot-stomping country music tune that celebrates beach living and the Cinnamon Shore lifestyle. We're proud that “Cinnamon Shore” debuted this spring,  and it's available soon on iTunes! 

Mark will give the first live performance of the song at Cinnamon Shore on Friday night, May 24, when he plays on the beach for the Memorial Day Weekend crowd. On the Eve of The Grand Opening of Cinnamon Shore South – our brand-new, 150 expansion just 1 mile down Highway 361 – guests will gather for his set at the water’s edge. Give a listen now so you can sing along! 


Great lyrics and sing-along fun

“I was trying to paint the feeling of being down there. I love Port A, and I love Cinnamon Shore,” says the West Texas native. A resident of Austin for 25 years, he’s gotten to know Port Aransas well, especially after marrying a native, his wife, Cassie. The couple comes down regularly to see family and to vacation. Cassie works in the music industry, booking acts at Port A’s Third Coast Theater, and Mark plays at Cinnamon Shore often. He knows all too well that feeling of working in the bright lights-big city vibe of Austin and longing to get down to the Texas Coast. 

“I wanted the song to be catchy, but I didn’t want it to sound like a commercial,” he says. “I wanted it to be a song that just makes you want to get back down to the beach,” he says. It starts with the experience of arriving in Port Aransas, from the time you "hit the ferry” to getting to your “Mustang Island sanctuary.” 

Clever lyrics capture all the sensations beach lovers relish, including sinking into that beach chair at Cinnamon Shore.

 Mark says he’s already heard positive feedback from program directors in the radio business as the song makes the rounds. And he’ll be playing it in sets from Texas to Ireland, where he'll travel later this year. “I’ll tell them all about Cinnamon Shore,” he says. “I’ll probably play this song for years to come.” 


Live performance on May 24th!

Join us on the Eve of The Grand Opening of Cinnamon Shore South  to watch Mark's set on the beach, when a video for the song will be recorded. The next day the realty team will give tours of the new property: See the agenda for this real estate showcase!

So don't miss Mark's performance if you're in Port A! And give a listen now, so you can sing along!


If you're interested in making the Cinnamon Shore lifestyle yours permanently, register for an appointment during The Grand Opening, Sat., May 25th. The realty team will show you prime Gulf-front and lakefront home sites with great pricing!



Published on Thursday, May 9, 2019

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