Our Port Aransas Community

Port Aransas vacation rentals pool view

Every aspect of our authentic community is designed thoughtfully and specifically for families. Our design philosophy is rooted in understated elegance and our experts bring unique details of placemaking that make your family feel welcome. Port Aransas vacation rentals are a great way to enjoy a home away from home to build lasting memories.


Cinnamon Shore's architecture style is classic. Home exteriors feature clean lines, simple massing and crisp coastal colors to give our guests the experience of beautiful beach-front community while reminding them of home.

Interior Design

Filled with natural light, coastal color tones and comfortable gathering spaces, Cinnamon Shore home interiors are understated elegance at its finest. Each interior is designed to offer a unique setting to make lasting family memories.


Palm trees line the sidewalks and bright flora dot the community, creating a beautifully lush frame for each home. Experience the best of Mustang Island’s natural beauty at Cinnamon Shore.

New Urbanism

Our homes are intentionally designed to foster relationships and community. Properties are built close together to encourage neighborly visits, and you’re always a short walk away from the beach, town center, pools, parks, shops and restaurants.