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10 Features your Vacation Rental Needs

New year means new opportunities. At Cinnamon Shore, it’s not just the view and location that attracts guests to our most popular vacation rentals, it’s the fact that they are visiting a home that treats them like their own. Think of the last time you rented a vacation home. What did you like the most about it? What features were missing? Did you want to return? Why or why not? When thinking of ways to better accommodate your guests, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you are providing the best experience for them. Does your kitchen have a coffee maker with variations of roasts and creams so the whole family can wake up to a good cup of coffee? Is your living room stocked up with comfy seating, cozy blankets, board games, and DVDs? If not, do not fret - we will walk you through all the ways you can further market your home to ensure you generate more rental income this year. To help attract more guests to your home, here are 10 features you need in your vacation rental:

1. Two Main Living Rooms

Whether it’s spring break, the fourth of July, or Labor Day weekend, it’s always nice to have one living space dedicated for gatherings with friends and family , and a separate space for privacy or entertainment. This way, your guests have the option of curling up with a book and coffee, or grabbing a beer and watching the College Football National Championship with a crowd of friends. Throughout your living areas, be sure to include amenities such as a large flat screen TV, a DVD player, and a surround sound system. Consider also connecting a Google Chromecast or Apple TV to your media system, so that your guests can share photos of their day at the beach, or stream music or Netflix from their mobile devices. You want your guests to feel like they’re home, so provide them comfy couches, large pillows, plenty of seating, and soft fuzzy blankets - the word will quickly spread that you have the coziest living space around.

Second Living Room 

2. Lots of Porch Space

Texans are all about their porches, especially when it overlooks the Texas Coast. The view and sound of the Gulf is probably what tempted them to vacation in your home in the first place, so give them what they came for and provide seating and spaces where they can feel the ocean breeze. Treat your porch as you would the entertainment space above. For example, if you have multiple porches, try dedicating one for gathering and another for private, more intimate moments.  

Cinnamon Shore Back Porch Cinnamon Shore Front Porch

3. Two Master Suites

Many vacationers are used to drawing straws to see who gets the master, but at Cinnamon Shore, we make sure guests don’t have to. We work with architects and designers to ensure that most homes include multiple luxurious suites. “There’s no short end of the stick here,” says Austin interior designer Tricia Dabney of Dabney Designs by Tricia who has done several projects in our community. Not only does Cinnamon Shore often offer guests two suites with adjoining bathrooms to the master, many of our residences offer king-size beds in regular guests rooms, too. “We recommend homeowners include at least two to three king-size beds for adults in all of our residences,” says Jodi Peters, a Real Estate Broker at Cinnamon Shore, noting that her real estate team works with the homeowners, architects, and designers to suggest ways the sleeping quarters can meet the expectations of guests who come to a luxury coastal destination.

4. Bunk Rooms

Now who says the little ones can’t have a vacation getaway of their own? By having a bunk room in your home, you can take the experience of younger guests to a whole new level. Fortunately, quite a few of our most popular rentals have gone above and beyond in creating a cozy retreat for the kids. With built-in shiplap bunks, these nautical-styled spaces accommodate a crowd and please the little ones with plenty of kid-friendly, coastal motifs. “Cinnamon Shore is known for their bunk rooms,” Tricia says. The best bunk rooms she’s seen combines the sleeping area with a TV room, providing an essential getaway space for kids and teens.  

Cinnamon Shore Bunkroom 

5. Bathroom Features for the Kids

While luxurious bathrooms and gorgeous walk-in showers are our hallmark, we encourage homeowners to include at least one regular tub to accommodate guests with young children. Fun features like trough sinks and separate or double baths for bunk-rooms are also a hot item at The Shore.  

6. Entertainment for All Ages

If you want your beach home to be a haven that feels like home to your guests, give them fun stuff to do when they’re not at the beach. Provide them with games such as Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Clue, Cards Against Humanity, and a plain deck of cards. Be sure to also stock up your living area with plenty of books and DVD’s so you can cater to those who just want to curl up on the couch. Your books can range from pre-school titles to adult classics and popular literature.  

7. Potential for Easy Entertaining

Calories don’t count when you’re on vacation, so make sure your kitchen is stocked up with all the cooking tools and utensils needed to make a meal. This should include items like sharpened chef’s knives, impressive cookware, a cutting board, a wine opener. For those who need caffeine in the mornings, make sure to have a quality coffeemaker, and for those who like smoothies and margaritas, maybe try investing in a powerful blender like the Vitamix. In addition to fantastic kitchen spaces, many of our rental homes offer multiple fridges and ice makers on different levels – from extra refrigerators in the garage to wet bars equipped with a cocktail shaker for mixing a drink.

 Cinnamon Shore Kitchen

8. Double Laundry Rooms

Whether you like it or not, no one can escape laundry - especially when at the beach. For this reason, we advise our homeowners to make it easy on themselves and their guests by providing two sets of appliances. That way, different families staying in the home can take care of their own towels and beach gear with ease. “In larger homes, having double laundry helps efficiency as our team prepares for a check out and another check in on the same day,” says Jodi Peters. 

9. Two Dishwashers.

Yep, you read that right. TWO! With some of our homes sleeping up to 18 people, it’d be a nightmare not to have two dishwashers. Fortunately, we have architects and kitchen designers work with our real estate team and homeowners to find solutions that allow double dishwashers, when room is available. This way, when you’re craving a bowl of ice cream late at night, you have a clean bowl and spoon to use.

10. Comfort and Style

From stylish interiors to comfortable bedding, popular rental homes are outfitted in fabulous décor, the best mattresses, and the most luxurious bedding. “It’s these details that bring vacations back,” says Jodi, “Return visitors are important.” She can attest that some of her happiest Cinnamon Shore homeowners are the ones who invest in the elements that attract a steady stream of guests – the kind of well-designed spaces and well-equipped rooms that earn rave reviews on social media. “It’s really all about the details,” she says. In the end, you can incorporate each of these features into your property, but it’s all about making your home feel like home. If you want to see more guests and rental income, it is key that take a closer look at your home, and find ways to make it appealing so guests want to return. At Cinnamon Shore, we want to assist you in any way we can, whether it’s helping you add another dishwasher to your kitchen or choosing a color pattern for your kids bunk room. To speak with us regarding home availability, or for tips and recommendations on your coastal property, contact  our real estate team today at (361) 749-1851.

Published on Thursday, December 28, 2017

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