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Shelling Tips: In and Around Cinnamon Shore

shutterstock_162332942copyOne of the best things about staying at Cinnamon Shore is easy access to the beach. Our wide boardwalks lead over the dunes to wide beaches, where the Gulf constantly deposits wonder in the form of seashells that delight beachcombers. Guides such as “Roy’s Field Guide to Shells of the Gulf Coast,” (check it out here!) and sites such as, can help you I.D. your treasures. You may find scallop shells and other called sundials, augers, and more. Our hard-packed beaches make long walks a pleasure, as adults and kids alike scour the Texas sands for nature’s souvenirs. Once you clean out the day’s offerings on the beach at Cinnamon Shore, consider a quick, 5-minute ferry ride over to a beach that Travel + Leisure named one of the nation’s top 10 shelling beaches: the unspoiled sands of nearby San José Island. From Fisherman’s Wharf in Port Aransas, just hop on the passenger ferry that can take you the nearby island. It’s privately owned, but its 21 miles of pristine beaches are open to the public below the vegetation line. Click here for details and to see the ferry schedule for access to this hidden gem of the Texas coast. Learn more about San José Island here. Locals also recommend hunting for shells along the Port Aransas South Jetty between the jetty and the Horace Caldwell Fishing Pier. And the Mustang Island State Park, just a few miles from Cinnamon Shore down Highway 361, offers another undeveloped stretch of sand for shell seekers to explore. Once your buckets are filled with your favorite finds, return to Cinnamon Shore and relax in the casual luxury of our vacation rentals. Our townhomes, condos, and beach houses can accommodate groups of all sizes, from couples and families to multiple generations and large groups of friends. Check out the options here, or call 844-281-3682 for more information. See you soon at Cinnamon Shore, and happy shelling!

Published on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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