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10 Reasons We're Grateful at Cinnamon Shore


Thanksgiving is a special time of year as it's spent in the company of those we cherish most. This year, we have plenty to be thankful for and we'd love to share this time with you. In addition to our great fall rates, we have a week full of festivities planned for Thanksgiving, including live music, s'mores, a football watch party, and more. And with gratitude on our minds, here are 10 things that have kept us smiling this year:


#10: Shorebirds and Sea Life

Living on Mustang Island has many perks, especially being constantly surrounded by so many shorebirds and sea life. Whether you're seeking an adventure and head out for a fishing excursion, or you're looking to relax on the beach while bird-watching, there's something for everybody and we love sharing the island with these native creatures. 


Birds of Port Aransas, TX 

#9: Golf Carts

Nothing beats commuting around town and throughout our community than getting behind the wheel of a beach buggie. Whether it's dad or his 14-year old son taking the wheel, there's just something free and liberating about hopping into a golf cart in Port Aransas. Also, if you've been to The Shore recently, you may have seen that our golf carts got a makeover. We think you'll enjoy them. 


#8: Mustang Island

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Texans make Mustang Island their go-to summer destination. After Hurricane Harvey hit us last August, we were so happy to see out-of-town visitors pour into our city. The people of Port Aransas are strong and resilient and worked many hours to help the city recover. The island and people who live here are truly something special and we are incredibly grateful to call this place home. 


Port Aransas, TX 

#7: Lisabella's

For those days when you don't feel like cooking or driving into town, Lisabella's is just a short walk away and offers a guaranteed great meal. The staff is incredibly friendly, the ambience is relaxing, the food is exceptional, and the wine list never disappoints. What's even better is Terry's Place is located just outside, giving you easy access to live music on the weekends. In fact, Beachtoberfest is going on for the rest of the month, so you still have a chance to catch these incredible musicians take the stage. 


Lisabella's | Port Aransas, TX 

#6: New Residences and Retail at Cinnamon Shore

2018 has treated us very well, and we can't wait for eveything that's in store for 2019. Not only will we be introducing a pizzeria and new retail shops next Spring Break, but our gorgeous new residential building, 9 Town Center, is almost complete. With retail and dining centers coming to Cinnamon Shore South in years to come, you'll have even more options to entertain.


Market Street Penthouses | Cinnamon Shore 

#5: Our Design Team

Cinnamon Shore would not be where it is today without our incredible team of architects, builders, and designers. Together, your vision and hard work has established Cinnamon Shore as a top destination for the Texas coastal region. The homes of our community are structurally and aesthetically stunning, and with more homes to come with the launch of Cinnamon Shore South, this is only the beginning. We can't wait to see what the future holds and are ever grateful to have you all by our side. 


#4: Your Support for the New Day Port A Effort

Together, both the Cinnamon Shore community and the Port A Chamber each gave $100,000 to initiate the charitable fund in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. With your support, Cinnamon Shore raised an additional $400,000. We've distributed 90% of all money raised in the first year of recovery when the need was at its greatest, keeping 10% in reserves for unmet needs. 


#3: Tradition

At Cinnamon Shore, we're all about establishing tradition and making lifelong memories.  With annual events like Beachtoberfest, Sandfest, Spring Break, 4th of July, and Labor Day, we're happy you choose Cinnamon Shore as a place you can carry on tradition with your family and loved ones.


Beachtoberfest at Cinnamon Shore | Port Aransas, TX 

#2: Our New Founding Neighbors

The homeowners of Cinnamon Shore will always hold a special place in our hearts as you all helped create the foundation of our community. And now, with the launch of Cinnamon Shore South, we're happy to introduce even more members to our family. The Grand Unveiling was a success and we're excited to welcome our new community into our Founders Club. 


Founding Neighbors of Cinnamon Shore South 

#1: YOU! 

To all of you who continually choose Cinnamon Shore as your go-to coastal destination, we can't thank you enough. When we started this vision back in 2007, there were some who doubted we could establish a luxurious, coastal village on the Texas coast and sure enough, we proved them wrong — and that's all because of you. We've said this before and we'll say it again, this is just the beginning and we look forward to continuing this journey with each of you. 

Published on Friday, October 19, 2018

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