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Building a Legacy

Coming soon to Cinnamon Shore is “Easy Like Sunday Morning,” (ELSM) a 4,200 sq.ft home with 5-bedrooms and 5.5-bathrooms. For a closer look into the design and vision of our newest coastal retreat, we spoke with Carrie Brewer of Legacy DCS, who is the lead interior designer behind ELSM. While development is underway, this up-and-coming home is available and ready for purchase. 


Carrie was first introduced to our community when Texas Monthly partnered with Cinnamon Shore Developer Jeff Lamkin to launch our very first Texas Coast Show Room in 2017. (If you haven’t seen pictures of this beautiful home, make sure you check out our Texas Monthly feature for a closer look.) For an entire year, Carrie and her husband, Cass Brewer, who serves as President and CEO of Legacy DCS, poured their heart and soul into building and designing this home. Unlike other design firms, Legacy DCS is full-service in the fact that they have a strong background in design, construction, and development and their work is often recognized for their involvement in the best master planned communities in the state, including MAX Awards for Best Overall Community, Community of the Year, Best Product Design, and many more. Together, Carrie and Cass are a power couple and put every effort into ensuring the homes they build and design feel like home the second you walk in. 


Texas Monthly Show Home 2017 | Cinnamon ShoreTexas Monthly Show Home 2017 | Cinnamon Shore 


Legacy DCS has also developed a strong reputation for their dedication to green building. By opting for earth-friendly products, like low VOC paints, high-quality air filters, rainwater harvesting, and utilizing local resources, their team works to create low energy homes for those seeking to live healthier and more efficiently. These green practices will be included in their newest project at Cinnamon Shore, “Easy Like Sunday Morning” (ELSM). 


When talking to Carrie last week, she said her hopes for ELSM is to “make it feel old, yet authentic.” With sandy colors mixed together with creamy whites, the interior color palette will be soft and relaxing with splashes of earthy tiles. By taking on a more neutral approach, the homeowner will be able to add their own splash of color, whether it be blue, green, yellow, or grey, as all these colors will compliment the chosen neutrals. In addition, throughout all the main areas of the home, there will be touches of wood, including the flooring and beams. As for the bathrooms, expect to see very classy and clean penny tiles around the master shower and its surroundings. Here’s a closer look at her design inspiration for the home: 


Easy Like Sunday Morning Design InspirationEasy Like Sunday Morning Design Inspiration 2


We asked Carrie what sets this home apart from others she’s designed, and Carrie said, “This particular home is special because it provides ample space for entertaining guests as well as privacy for those seeking to retreat. For example, the front porch gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax while greeting neighbors, whereas the back is private and protected from the winds on cool nights.” Given the size and number of rooms this home has, there is plenty of space and accommodations to house two families comfortably. “To ensure all couples are comfortable and self sufficient, this home has two master getaway suites, including one downstairs so those who are older do not have to climb the stairs.”


 Easy Like Sunday Morning Exterior | Cinnamon ShoreEasy Like Sunday Morning Interior | Cinnamon Shore


Carrie draws ideas and inspiration from everywhere when designing a home. One thing her and her team members do is a process called charrette. This process is most often utilized by architects when planning a community, so when Carrie worked with a team of architects 15 years ago, she immediately put it into practice and has used it ever since. Charrette is basically one giant brainstorm where you bring together a team of designers who work to overcome and solve a problem. “By drawing in from the greatest minds, we tackle everything from the architecture and design we want, to what we want to represent, to where we’ll position the windows, to where the children will hang out. After spending 1-2 days in a room, we present the plan, work out the details, put it on paper, and then execute.” 


First Floor Plan | Easy Like Sunday MorningSecond Floor Plan | Easy Like Sunday Morning 


As mentioned earlier, if you haven’t taken a look at Carrie’s work for Texas Monthly’s Show House, we recommend you take a quick peek because Carrie drew several of her favorite elements and put them into “Easy Like Sunday Morning.” This classic, coastal cottage will dawn unique architecture with beautifully constructed walls, incredible woodwork, and lots of detail. When asked, “What does good design mean to you?” Carrie responded, “You know you’ve found good design when you walk in and you immediately feel like you’re home. You feel a sense of peace and you want to move in and call it yours...I love to create a sense of nostalgia when I design, which is different for everyone, but reflections of the past are comforting.” Although ELSM is still under construction, this property is available for purchase. Stop by the realty office or give Jodi a call at (361) 749-1851 for more information.

“Our biggest goal when building a home is to change lives. We hope to create a legacy for the families through our homes so that they pass it onto their children, and their children’s children. After all, "legacy" is in our name.”  

Published on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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