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Science Says Best Gift for Your Family: Vacations!

Research Encourages You to Spend Time With Loved Ones at Places Like Cinnamon Shore

We often give trinkets and toys for birthdays and holidays. But according to Matador Network, the best present to give your family is time away together on vacation. Here's why a trip to Cinnamon Shore can mean more than the average gift.

Science says... 

Writer Eben Diskin reports that a neuroscientist at Washington State University found that "family holidays can enhance brain development in children." 

When families break routines to play and explore, British child psychologist Dr. Margo Sunderland adds that it leads to brain growth, which can help kids with:

  • cognitive functioning.
  • social intelligence. 
  • well-focused, goal-directed behaviors.

Plus, when families play and explore, neurochemicals get released that encourage feelings of well-being and warmth toward each other, writes Diskin.

Research also reveals... 

Other studies show that vacations have additional positive effects on kids. Diskin writes that:

  • Just 20 minutes outdoors increase children’s attention spans.
  • Holidays in the great outdoors can have more positive effects than ADHD medication.
  • Being in new environments where there is a lot to discover is associated with children with higher IQ. 

So spend more time on the Texas Coast this year...

Whether you want to book a vacation or invest in a vacation home at Cinnamon Shore or our expansion nearby, Cinnamon Shore South, we've got options that will suit your family. From great condos to Gulf-Front vacation homes that sleep a crowd, you're sure to find the perfect coastal getaway.

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Published on Monday, December 30, 2019

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