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Best Beach Hacks for a Day in Port A

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Best Beach Hacks for a Day in Port A


We scoured the Internet, so you don’t have to. Enjoy these tips the next time you hit the beach at Cinnamon Shore.


Here are 10 of our favorite ways to make a day at the beach as easy as a sea breeze.


From, we like these tricks:

1) Try this simple sand remover. Sprinkle baby powder on sand-covered feet to make the sand slip right off.


2) Seal up your smartphone. Just place your phone in a zip-top bag, and it’s safe from splashes and sand. You can still text and surf your favorite sites. Hip2Save does warn it’s not 100 percent waterproof.




Frugal Coupon Living offers ideas for:


3) DIY ice packs. Fill water balloons and freeze for the cooler. Once they melt, let the kids have at it on the beach – away from other sunbathers!


4) Stick-on, temporary “tattoos” to keep kids safer. These peel-and-stick labels help I.D. lost kids on busy beaches. Just write name and phone number and apply the made-for-the-beach stickers to forearm, just in case a child wanders away.

5) Aloe vera ice cubes. Frugal Coupon Living gives a shout-out to for the idea of freezing aloe vera gel in silicone ice cube trays, available in all sorts of shapes. If you do have a sunscreen fail, these cool cubes can bring relief. Note: Seek medical attention for severe burns.



The gals at One Crazy House suggest:


6) Making a “lei” out of colorful sponges. Feeling crafty? Cut household sponges into triangles and thread the pieces onto sturdy string to make a necklace. Then dip the “lei” in Gulf waters and wear it to keep cool. 



The Krazy Coupon Lady site shares this genius idea:


7) Hiding valuable in empty sunscreen bottle. Washed and dried and ready to disguise your stuff, the right used sunscreen container hides your valuables in plain sight.




The folks at, remind us to care for our pup’s skin, too:


8) Ensure your pet has shade. The site warns some dogs can get sunburned just like their people. Provide shade and consider investing in dog sunscreen, available here.




We saw several tips for keeping your car sand-free. Our favorite:


9) Line your trunk or cargo hold with an old bed sheet. Throw in the beach gear for the drive home, unpack, and then simply shake out sheet.



Bustle wants to make it easier to enjoy your beach read:


10) Go for audiobooks. With apps like Audible, it’s easy to opt for headphones and relax as someone reads you the story. Avoid the mess of sandy, dripping beachgoers stepping on your hardback or the pain of trying to read a paperback in the bright, sunny glare.


Published on Friday, March 8, 2019

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