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Port A: Off the Grid!

Port Aranases makes list of Spring Break best bets!

The folks at put together a list of the top seven off-the-grid 2019 Spring Break destinations in the U.S. Port A came in at No. 6 as the perfect alternative to South Padre Island, which draws the college crowds. In contrast, Port Aranses draws families seeking a quieter experience as the town continues to bounce back after Hurricane Harvey, says writer Michael Hockman. “If everything is indeed bigger in Texas, then the family fun is extra-sized in Port Aransas, the only town on Mustang Island,” Hockman says. 

Come see us at Cinnamon Shore.

He notes that the bars and restaurants, tackle shops and coffee shops are back in business and praises the Port Aransas Art Center as the anchor to a growing community of local artists. But the best attraction? The beaches, of courses, which you can enjoy from the condos and beach homes available for vacations at Cinnamon Shore. Hockman writes: “…Spring Break requires sandy shores, and thankfully, Port Aransas’ miles of Texas beaches endure for your sunbathing and Frisbee pleasure.” 

Enjoy spring at the shore.

So book a vacation at Cinnamon Shore and go off the grid in our beautiful seaside village. 


Published on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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