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5 Ways to Relax at Cinnamon Shore

Beach lovers know it's true: Just coming to the beach changes your state of mind and induces almost immediate relaxation. When you arrive at Cinnamon Shore you'll have the setting and the amenities to transform your vacation into time away that's truly transformative. Here's a look at five ways you can relax at Cinnnamon Shore.


1.  Just being here

A report in outlines the findings of studies in the U.S. and the U.K. that confirm spending time at the shore is good for your health. The article details reasons we could have guessed, but it's nice to have science affirm our beach-loving intuition. So, what attributes make the beach such a healing destination? Why is it good for mental and physical well-being? Research says:

  • The Seawater Itself. With minerals like iodine, magnesium, and potassium, it helps your body fight infection.
  • Salty, Sea Air. Just breathing it in can improve respirtory function and improve sleep.
  • All That Blue. Gazing at the color blue calms the brain and fosters meditative thoughts.
  • The Sound of Crashing Waves. The incoming waves de-stimulate the brain, like white noise.


2. Booking a massage

The concierge services at Cinnamon Shore can put you in touch with local experts who can provide in-home back massages and other spa-like treatments. Massage in a Bottle is just one local provider you can book to provide couple's massage or a sports massage after a workout or long walk on the beach. Over Mother's Day weekend, you can book a poolside Saturday afternoon massage at the Dune Pool for mom, too. Ask for details when you book a stay for May 10-12.


3.  Doing yoga by the water -- or on top of it with a paddle board!

During holday weekends like Easter and over Mother's Day, we offer paddle board yoga at our Dune Pool and on the beach. But you can book a yoga session any time with area gurus who may come to you and your group. You can plan a yoga party at your rental home or find out when area classes will be. Our concierge service can connect you providers you'll enjoy.




4.  Walking on the beach points on the benefits of walking in the sand. It cushions joints and requires more effort, 2.1 to 2.7 times more energy than pounding the pavement or huffing it on the treadmill. But it's also so relaxing, says the site, that people tend to walk further and longer.  "Pedometer steps increase without effort," it says.




5. Casting a line

Nothing's more relaxing than giving a flick of the wrist and waiting for the fist to bite. Nowhere to be, nothing to do but sit. We've stocked Lake Colby at Cinnamon Shore, and you can ask about gear rentals at Concierge Services. If you'd rather hit the open waters, we can connect you with area outfitters so you can rejuvinate with an afternoon of deep sea fishing. Or, head over to Keeper's at Horace Caldwell Pier, of the best fishing piers in Texas. You can catch fish you'd find 10 to 15 miles out from the end of the 1,230-foot-long pier, from black drum to redfish.



Keepers at Horace Caldwell Pier 



Published on Thursday, April 4, 2019

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