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Coastal Kitchens at Cinnamon Shore



Stocking a Coastal Kitchen: 5 Essentials for a Week or a Weekend!

Much thought goes into the gorgeous kitchens at Cinnamon Shore, with their exquisite tile back splashes, creative light fixtures, built-in microwaves, open shelving, and more. But the most beautiful kitchen means less when you can't find the measuring spoons or collander you need to create a memorable meal. And where's the blender when you want to mix up margaritas for sunset cocktail hour?




Cooking at the beach

Stocking a coastal kitchen requires a little more than other kinds of vacation homes. Of course you need the basics any kitchen needs -- from sturdy pots and pans to measuring cups and cooking tools. Whether you own a beach home or you're renting one for the weekend, here's a look at items no coastal cook should be without.


1. Stock Pot

You'll need an extra tall stock pot to host a shrimp boil. It's impossible to do the job right with a typical double boiler left for renters to find in the back of the cabinets. So, if you own your beach home, make sure to invest in a sturdy stock pot that will hold all the potatoes, corn, and succulent shrimp and spices that make a low-country boil. recommends a 24-quart pot for a low-country boil that feeds 10. And boiling lobsters requires plenty of room to submerge.


2. Shrimp Deveiner
Not the most common kitchen tool, it's necessary in a coastal kitchen. We like this one, the Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner ($28), which peels, deveins, and butterflies shrimp in one motion. But this OXO version ($7.99) also does the job.


3.  Oyster Knife

Where there are shrimp, oysters usually follow. Whether you're setting up an oyster bar for cocktail hour or making Oysters Rockefeller as a main dish, having a good oyster knife makes the job must easier. One high-end beauty from Sur la Table comes with protective mesh to prevent the dreaded slip injury to your hand: Check out the Sea Island Forge Oyster Knife with Chainmail Shuck Guard ($120). But one oyster aficiando on the Facebook group Oyster Obession recommends the basic, but sturdy Casson's Oyster Knife ($11.99).


4. Blender

 From fruit smoothies when the kids roll out of bed or come in from the beach to perfect pina coladas, the right blender makes all the difference. Available in clean white or adding a punch of color to your countertop, the blender can even make a terrific accessory for your coastal kitchen. We love the '50s retro look of this high-end  design by SMEG, but you also can find fun colors in the Kitchen-Aid line.

5. Corksrew

It goes without saying that any coastal kitchen will have this essential tool. But at the beach, make sure your goes with your location. From fish shapes like this one from Ship Chic to mermaid-shaped designs, make your guests smile with a coastal-theme wine opener.


Stay in a home with a gorgeous coastal kitchen.

Book a visit to Cinnamon Shore. Cook for family and friends or stock your rental with paper plates so you don't have to do the dishes. Either way, food tastes better when you're a the beach! Look for the right condo or home today! BOOK NOW!




Published on Friday, July 26, 2019

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