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D CEO Magazine Showcases Cinnamon Shore

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Premier business magazine in Dallas visits our community--and raves!

The November 2020 issue of D CEO Magazine celebrates Mustang Island and Cinnamon Shore with a two-page spread in its Off Duty section. For the "Well-Traveled" column, writer Christine Perez introduces the beach town and our development to the readership of this upscale publication, which is geared toward the Dallas-Fort Worth business community. 

With photos of Cinnamon Shore and quotes from area professionals about why they enjoy going to Port Aransas, the article's word-of-mouth insight is sure to entice more DFW-area businessmen and women to bring their families down to check it out. After all, Dallas is about a six-hour drive, as opposed to the longer trek to get to Florida beaches. And, as the article makes clear, the island and community of Cinnamon Shore have lots to draw them here.

For instance, the article quotes Willie Hornberger, a partner at Dallas law firm Jackson Walker, as saying that Port A offers "the best food and fishing in Texas," high praise when some other Texas beach towns sometimes earn more attention.

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A first-time visitor to Port Aransas during 2020, writer Perez was admittedly skeptical of the Port Aransas beach experience, and says she had low expectations. She writes that the "resort town's gorgeous ocean coastline" came as a "bit of a shock" when she first saw it. And she says "nothing beats Cinnamon Shore" when it comes to island accommodations.

She describes it as "an oceanside community that evokes Cape Cod with island influences." She describes the many options for couples and families to choose from at Cinnamon Shore, from condos to "luxurious, six-bedroom homes," and she touts the new coffee shop, liquor store, and market that opened this past summer. The article goes on to describe amenities, like our three community pools, family-friendly activities, from surf lessons to beach bonfires, and on-site restaurants such as Lisabella's Bistro with its famed Mermaid Soup and more!

And while the article describes the charms of downtown Port A and the many fishing opportunities and highlights like the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center, the photography heavily showcases the beach and community of Cinnamon Shore, including our dune crossover and beach homes. So, look for more and more fellow vacationers and homeowners to find their way to Cinnamon Shore thanks to this great coverage. 

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With a total readership of approximately 85,000, D CEO Magazine makes a great place to tell the Cinnamon Shore story.

"For accommodations, nothing beats Cinnamon Shore, an oceanside community that evokes Cape Cod with island influences."
-- Well-Traveled Columnist Christine Perez, D CEO Magazine

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Thursday, November 12, 2020

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