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BlogApril 2020Globe St.: Port A Makes Popular Retreat, Now More Than Ever

Globe St.: Port A Makes Popular Retreat, Now More Than Ever


  More popular after the pandemic


In “The Great Migration Includes Escape to Port A,” predicts more interest in our charming city as the U.S. emerges from isolation caused by COVID-19. Homeowners have flocked here to weather the shutdown, in private enclaves like Cinnamon Shore.






One side-effect of the shutdown is that people are retreating to places where they feel safe and secure, away from high-density urban areas, where there's plenty of wide-open space and lots of room for social distancing.


 Easy drive times to Cinnamon Shore

Long-term travel trends also will lead people to consider travel closer to home, and Cinnamon Shore is in a prime position to satisfy current property owners and entice new vacationers and potential home buyers to our village by the sea.


In the article, Developer Jeff Lamkin says, “I believe we will see a migration to lower density areas for both primary and secondary living. Port A, which has pretty low density, low height levels and is really just a small town on a beautiful beach in Texas, will see unprecedented demand as Texans choose to stay closer to home and choose this lower density destination over many of the previously favored higher density destinations."


Great homes for safe, secure family time


Lamkin points out that the homes at Cinnamon Shore have made the perfect places for homeowners to spend time with family during the COVID-19 period, with great spacious great rooms and sleeping quarters.  


"The large spaces in these communities including big kitchens to prepare meals will be especially important with restaurants being closed. Port A has a lot of home choices offering good space to spend time social distancing," he said in the article. "While short-term rentals are currently closed, Port A still has homes for sale which could be a great place to spend the summer.” continues with descriptions of the community and vibrant downtown area. For more, see the article!


Learn more about property at Cinnamon Shore 

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Published on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

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