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BlogMay 2020A Cinnamon Shore Sea Turtle Story

A Cinnamon Shore Sea Turtle Story


A special encounter  


Over Mother's Day Weekend, some Cinnamon Shore homeowners out for a walk happend upon one of the most miraculous  events on the Coast--a lumbering sea turtle laying her eggs and then returning to the waters. The thrilling scene unfolded on a Saturday morning before exciting beachgoers.





88 eggs under protection 


A local conservation group came to care for the eggs and ensure protection until they hatch. They made sure beachgoers gave the turtle plenty of space to fulfill her mission. 





 Endangered but faithfully returning to Mustang Island


Experts say the Kemp's Ridley sea turtle that makes its home along the Texas Shore is one of the most endangered. They annually migrate to Mustang Island between April and July to make their nests. 


Once the eggs harvested by a local conservation group are ready to hatch, they will return the hatchlings to the shore for their own journey into Gulf waters. And it's said the group has about a 90% hatch rate -- a long way toward protecting the species.


Thanks to Cinnamon Shore homeowners Aaron and Elizabeth King for sharing these images and their experience with the rest of the Cinnamon Shore family!


Published on Friday, May 22, 2020

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