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Texas Architect magazine Features Cinnamon Shore


Vacation homes built to last on the Texas Coast

Texas Architects magazine features Cinnamon Shore in its May-June 2020 issue in an article called “Architect-Designed Luxury Developments in Port Aransas Weather the Storm," highlighting how well New Urbanist communities like ours fared during Hurricane Harvey and how new building codes are making homes stronger on the Texas Coast. 


It's no wonder our community was highlighted, as Cinnamon Shore only works with the best design professionals in Texas and across the South! And its master plan calls for the highest quality design and sophisticated land planning to ensure its longevity.  





The article celebrated the vision of Cinnamon Shore Developer Jeff Lamkin, who is quoted in the article about his goal from the start for Cinnamon Shore and how gratifying it is to see it come to fruition thanks to high design standards.

"Port Aransas and Mustang Island, where we are, are amazing…Everything you would want in a beach town. But it kind of stopped developing around the oil crisis 20-some years ago. I wanted to bring world-class beach design, architecture, and land planning to the Texas coast. We designed what is arguably one of the most successful developments in the country," Lamkin says in the article. 


Built to withstand coastal conditions


Texas Architects is the magazine of the  Texas Society of Architects highlights the work of the architects such as Jim Kissling, who has designed homes for Cinnamon Shore since 2009. He talks about the challenges of designing on the coast, but says the new building codes helped homes like those at Cinnamon Shore survive Harvey.


“The houses that were built to the new windstorm standards all seemed to make it through the storm pretty well," Kissling says. "The ones that were not, they were either completely destroyed or were damaged to the point that we needed to take them to the ground. These new codes work. They’re a pain, and they do add cost to the project, but they really save the structure.” 




Championing Lamkin and the Cinnamon Shore Approach


Texas Architects Writer Anastia Calhoun, Assoc.AIA, cites Lamkin's report that Cinnamon Shore has had their best in sales volume and price points in the years after Harvey, with buyers buoyed by how well the community survived the storm. And it described Kissling's admiration for how Lamkin has approached the development, interacted with the city of Port Aransas, and established a new kind of family vacation experience on the Texas Coast.


“The one thing that has been constant with Jeff is his vision,” Kissling says in the article's conclusion. “He’s really kept it focused on providing a family-oriented experience — and at a high level. He’s engaging the community, along with making the community beautiful. It’s all these things that help build the experience and memory for these families. It’s been a constant on his end with his team. And for them to keep that going — my hat’s off to him.” 


That kind of reputation and review from this Texas architect and articles like this bode well for the future of Cinnamon Shore and its prospects with vacation home buyers and investors--especially in the wake of another challenging season caused by the pandemic. With vacations happening closer to home, people are looking for destinations within driving distance, and this kind of endorsement has buyers looking at Cinnamon Shore. 



The affordabilty of the Texas Coast


Calhoun also notes the affordability of our beach town compared to other coastal states: "In Port Aransas, set along 18 miles of beachfront on Mustang Island, the average 50-ft gulf-front lot costs less than $1 million, while similar coastal properties in California and Florida can cost more than $5 million. 


If you're interested in buying or investing in the original community of Cinnnamon Shore, or its new expansion, Cinnamon Shore South located nearby, the team at Cinnamon Shore Realty would be happy to show you what's available.




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Published on Friday, May 15, 2020

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