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Coral Bliss

tradewinds coral bath

Bright and Beachy: Tradewinds Outpost Residence Offers Sophisticated Style

Designer Courtney Rangel of CGR Designs had one mission when asked to do the interiors at Tradewinds Outpost, our newest residential building at Cinnamon Shore: "When people come to these units, I want them to feel like they've been transported to the beach,"  she says.

With that in mind, she drew on island inspirations ranging from the Northwest to the Bahamas and Bermuda for some of the multi-story residences she designed at Tradewinds Outpost. But for one them -- 240 Social Circle #9-102 -- she built the entire interior color scheme around the industry's ocean-inspired 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral. Fresh and vibrant, the color was designated as the year's top color by industry forecasters at the Pantone Color Institute. It makes for a happy, bright motif inside this three-story luxe space, listed at $895,000. 

As the beautiful bathroom (shown above) nears completion at No. 9-102, you can see how the color lends itself to vibrant sophistication. From wallpaper choices to the bold contrast with other neutrals, the saturated, pink-orange hue feels contemporary and traditional all at once. Here's a look at Courtney's design board that served as inspiration throughout her work on the project.

tradewinds coral bathroom

Coral: A Bold Choice

In Courtney's hands, the bold, bright hue works well with the complementary selections she's made throughout the 2,585-square-foot residence at Tradewinds Outpost, from stylish lighting to the neutral, shiplap-clad walls. The more neutral interior walls beg for the pop of color that sleek coral provides.

Courtney incorporated ideas from other top designers in Florida and the Bahamas to create an overall look that helps the eventual owner of the space to know, without even a glance outside, that they are at the beach. "Playful!" she says, when asked to describe the interiors at Tradewinds Outpost. "The whole idea is that these feel beachy."

As residence No. 9-102 nears completion, you can see her plan coming together here. A trio of sconces have been installed against a flame stitch-style wallpaper with varying shades of coral (below). Shades of turquoise play a complementary role throughout the three-story space, along with bright white and creams.

coral inspiration

Wallpaper: On Trend and Stylish

The wallpaper trend shows no sign of abating in the design world, and Courtney has made the most of it here. There's no simpler way to create visual interest, pattern, and style than slathering on stylish wallpaper. Design Allure writes in a recent online article, "Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years ... Now it’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways and wallpaper does just that."

Capturing the trend, Courtney chose one wallpaper selection to display the sea life that gives the pink-and-orange hue its name. It artfully showcases various kinds of coral against turquoise line drawings, perfect for a Gulf-side home.

jelly fish wallpaper

In another Tradewinds Outpost residence, Courtney worked in more of the on-trend coral color, but it plays a less obvious role. In this fun, bicycle pattern (below), coral shows up in the baskets, and the carefree idea of bike riding ties this space to Cinnamon Shore. 

coral bike wallpaper tradewinds condo

What Makes Tradewinds Outpost Special

Only eight residences comprise this island-inspired residential building at Cinnamon Shore. Ranging from two to three stories each, the spaces feel grander than condos and just as luxurious as single-family homes. Yet, there's no landscape to maintain, and owners will have private parking.

With quality construction and designer interiors, the owners who will own spaces inside will be steps from the Town Center, Lisabella's Bistro, and Market Street retail, with the community pools just a short walk away. Plus, the beach is, of course, just over the convenient dune crossovers.

tradewinds oupost at cinnamon shore

Coral Bliss: No. 9-102: Ready for a Family

On trend but also timeless, this coral-themed residence at Tradewinds Outpost has a beachy vibe and upscale selections. And it's going to be move-in ready soon, along with other residences inside the building.

We'd love to show you the property in person, so you can see the coral-theme design and the homes that showcase other motifs Courtney has created for the Tradewinds building. 

Take a Tour!

If you're interested in the coral-themed residence, touring the property in person will help you understand how livable this floor plan is. Guests who stay on the lower level will enjoy a spacious guest suite that opens onto a porch, along with a cozy, living room/den offers an alternative gathering space to the upstairs living room. On the second floor, the main living space consists of kitchen, dining, and living room, while a charming balcony overlooks our Town Center. Here, another guest room here has its own porch, as well. The master suite on the third floor offers a private retreat and terrific porch for privacy and downtime.

first floor coral residence tradewinds

second floor coral tradewinds

third floor coral tradewinds

Schedule an Appointment

Walk through to see how Courtney's whole interior design plan plays out room to room -- and how the happy coral motif brightens your spirit as much as the living spaces. Call Cinnamon Shore Realty at 361-749-1851; email [email protected]; view the listing.