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Master the Master Bedroom

blue bedroom

Ideas and Inspiration from the Homes at Cinnamon Shore:

There's no other room that should feel as much like a haven as the master bedroom. And in a vacation home, that rule applies all the more. Privacy's important, but you want it to be beautiful, too. Look at some of our prettiest homes for take-aways for your own master bedroom. You may not use seashell prints and and driftwood finishes, but the principles in these masters can work anywhere.

coral bedroom

No. 1. Dress the bed with pillows and throws.

Whether you have a sleigh bed like the one shown above or a four-poster, layers of pillows--largest in the back and accent pillows in the front--give you a chance to mix colors, patterns, and style. Our lead photo shows a blue-and-white geometric design flanking a solid navy pillow with a burst of white coral, all backed by a pair of standard size pillows and Euro shams in the rear. Three layers offer depth, while the grey throw softens the bed and breaks up the all-white coverlet. The whole effect mixes crisp nautical with plush comfort that you want to sink right into. 

floating fireplace

No. 2. Make an all-white scheme work by adding pops of color.

Airy and clean, an all-white bedroom feels fresh and relaxing. But to keep it from having an institutionalized feel add a few splashes of bold color. Here, the coral throw and matching coral pillow add just the right zing to this platform bed, with upholstered headboard. Light-finished flooring, neutral sisal rug and all-white walls contribute to the breezy scheme, but the black-and-white scallop design on the accent pillows add some pattern to otherwise all-solid selections.

frame the view image

No. 3. A floating fireplace adds more than warmth.

In this Gulf-front home, the designer divided the master with a freestanding fireplace, which separates the sleeping quarters from a cozy seating area. Here, the column helps break up a spacious room and define its areas, while also serving as a place to mount the flat-screen TV. Who can resist a warm, crackling fire when cooler coastal breezes blow? But beyond cozy flames, this contemporary treatment sets this bedroom apart from others in the home.

valted ceilings

No. 4. Frame the view (even if it's not the glorious Gulf!).

This beautiful master bedroom happens to have a front-row seat on the Texas Gulf. The palm leaf design serves as the only pattern in the room where lovely hardwoods on the floor contrast with soft blue-green shiplap and all-white bedding. Your window treatments should offer another design element to the room, but also privacy. Here, Roman shades can come down and the panel curtain closed to block out the morning sun so you can sleep in on Saturdays, even if you're not at the beach.

art selections

No. 5. Use vaulted ceilings to make smaller master bedrooms feel more spacious.

Here the blue-painted walls contrast the white accent wall and white-painted ceiling, which soars skyward and gives the illusion of more space. The peekaboo, square window at the apex of the wall near the ceiling also draws eyes upward, which contributes to the vertical line.

symmetry shot

No. 6. Make thoughtful artwork selections.

There's always the dilemma of what to hang over the master bedroom bed. Here, a trio of bright landscapes creates a row of pretty pictures over the bed. Don't feel like you have to select a large painting to be a focal point. But use the artwork to contribute color to the overall scheme and infuse a bit of your personality. In another all-white bedroom, with comfy linens and breezy, white drapery panels, the landscape are really the only color in the room. Even the frames are white and blend into the wall, making the artwork stand out even more.


No. 7. Think about symmetry.

In this sunny upstairs master, a shapely stool stands centered at the end of the bed. Nightstands on either side of the bed are topped with simple lamps, while matching mirrors contribute to the pairing effect. Note the handsome top edge of the mirrors, turning them into artwork themselves. Other notable details in this room: The tufted headboard matches the tufted stool for more symmetry. The ordered swirls of the rug provide movement and pattern beneath a room of simple blue and white solids.


No. 8. Find storage solutions to avoid clutter in your master.

After all, it's supposed to be a retreat and a haven, and keeping it clutter-free can help. This handsome bedroom in browns features pull-out drawers where you could stash your stack of books, clothes, and more. Many homes at Cinnamon Shore have spacious walk-in closets and you might have one, too. But furniture choices abound with creative storage options.

Cozy and comfortable, all for you

Use hotel tricks, like using lots of fluffy pillows, cozy mattress toppers, and the most luxurious sheets you can afford. It's worth the cost to achieve the level of comfort that turns your everyday bedroom into a true retreat, just like the ones at Cinnamon Shore.

Wake up in your own coastal home.

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