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Open After Hurricane Hanna!

Weathering the Storm and Ready to Welcome Guests

Thanks to all concerned about how Cinnamon Shore fared during the weekend when Cat 1 Hurricane Hanna hit Padre Island. Our community, located north of where the storm came ashore, has rebounded almost immediately.

Cinnamon Shore showed resilience once again in the face of strong winds and storm surge. We're open and ready to welcome guests! Our pools are operational, and the beach is cleared of debris.

Built to Last

It's a testament to the quality construction and masterful master plan for our community that Cinnamon Shore weathered Cat 4 Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and now Hanna. Here's how we prepared and how we fared this past weekend:

  • 99 percent of the structures at Cinnamon Shore had zero damage.
  • We had a roofer on-site, ready to address any minor roofing damage.
  • Clean-up of palm fronds and other minor debris began the Sunday morning after the storm passed.
  • Power was restored quickly, and all facilities are up and running.

National Coverage: Cinnamon Shore Building Codes

After the more severe Hurricane Harvey affected the Coastal Bend area in August 2017, Cinnamon Shore stood strong with little damage, comparatively. 

Bloomberg Television interviewed Developer Jeff Lamkin after Harvey about how well the community fared and how it was prepared for future storms, like Hanna.

Lamkin told Bloomberg that thanks to modern-day building codes and the quality construction at Cinnamon Shore, the community survived practically unscathed. He said that he was more confident than ever that homes here could stand up to severe weather. He cited higher elevation requirements, aluminum roofs, stronger tie-downs and bolts, hurricane-proof windows, and durable siding as just some of the ways quality construction along the coast prepares communities like Cinnamon Shore to last.

His prediction proved true in the face of Hanna, and Cinnamon Shore's performance bodes well for its future development, at the original community and at its expansion just down the beach, Cinnamon Shore South. "Our highest sales have happened since [Harvey], and our sales volume has increased because people are able to see what withstood the storm and what's still standing," Lamkin said.

Open for Business As Usual

So, keep your plans to vacation at Cinnamon Shore this summer and fall! Now more than ever we're seeing interest in the community from those looking for a luxury vacation spot closer to home. As the storm season has shown time and again, luxury means quality--and Cinnamon Shore is built to last.

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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