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Best Beach Towels 2020

Select the best of the bunch! Including a plush towel with our logo--the perfect souvenir!

Whether you're stocking your beach house linen closet or buying for a vacation or a trip to the pool, here's our pick of the year's best offerings when it comes to beach towels.


Branded Beauty

This beautiful option sells at The Market at Cinnamon Shore. Make sure to stop in and pick up at least one the next time you visit us! $20


Shake it off

 Sand-repellent beach towels from Down Under allows the sand to fall right off  after a day at the beach. The fabric tech called AbsorbLite™ from this Australian company gets great reviews, and it comes in great designs. $59

Shabby Chic Towel Higher Res

Floral and Fabulous

Shabby Chic® floral beach towels sold out in an hour but are now back in stock. Available in three prints, they're made of micro-fiber, so it comes out of the wash and dries on its own. Plus, the design doesn't fade.; search beach towels, $53


Cabana-Stripe Set

New York magazine's "The Stylist" column picks this set as stylish and a great value. They're perfect for pool or beach and come from Utopia Towels.; search Utopia Beach Towels $39.99 for four-pack


Best Social-Distancing Towel

The Monster Towel was selected by Good Housekeeping magazine for its "Best Of "list, thanks to its generous 10-by-10 size. It's sure to make other beachgoers step way around you, preserving your safe space.; search Monster Towel $89.95


Towel with Fringe Benefits

This gorgeous, lightweight towel is made of Turkish cotton with classic cabana stripes and stylish fringe. It offers quality and resort style, and conveniently goes in the washer and dryer for easy maintenance.; search Resort Turkish Beach Towel $65.55

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