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BlogAugust 2020Rural Enclaves, Like Port A, Draw Buyers

Rural Enclaves, Like Port A, Draw Buyers


Unique Homes magazine features Port A and Cinnamon Shore:

A new article in Unique Homes describes the trend of the home-buying public is looking at suburban and rural areas by focusing on Port Aransas. It holds the town up as an example of a place that's drawing more and more interest during the COVID-19 pandemic and points to a survey that shows American applications for mortgages have hit an 11-year high and that online searches for homes in suburban and rural areas have increased in the wake of the pandemic.

Port A's Strengths Shine

The piece points to the town's:

  • Proximity to major urban cities in Texas
  • 18 miles of scenic beaches on Mustang Island
  • Low-density, low-rise development, like Cinnamon Shore
  • Friendly, family-friendly communities
  • A-rated school district

Low-Density, Open Spaces Beckon

Unique Homes discusses why town's like Port Aransas makes an attractive alternative to other beach destinations as a place to consider putting down roots. Writer Mark Moffa says:

"Port A’s culture  also creates  a better environment for social distancing versus many typical high density beach towns, known for strips of closely built high rise, block-style hotels and condos." Survey Details Trend

As Americans emerged from the first two months of pandemic-induced stay-at-home orders, May saw a resurgence of online browsing for suburban listings--up 13% in May 2020 over May 2019, just about double the rate of urban browsing. And for rural ZIP codes, the online listing views were up 16% in May 2020 versus May 2019, according to the survey details in a June MarketWatch report cited in the Unique Homes piece.

All this bodes well for the future of Cinnamon Shore North and its expansion, Cinnamon Shore South. If you're interested in real estate in the prettiest village on the Texas Coast, contact Cinnamon Shore Realty by email: [email protected] or call 361-749-1851.

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Saturday, August 1, 2020

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