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Dogs Love The Beach

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 Bring Your Dog To Cinnamon Shore

Meet Briggs! He's an 8-year-old golden retriever who had a blast in the “sun and sand … and water!” according to owner Natalie T., who snapped the photo above during a stay at Cinnamon Shore.

With great options for pet-friendly rentals and amenities such as our Dune Dogs Playground—perfect for walking your pet and playtime—Cinnamon Shore welcomes man’s best friend.

dune dogs playground

Dune Dogs Playground

Our doggie playground has a dog wash available, which makes it easy to get rid of all the sand after a romp on the beach. To take advantage of the dog wash, use a credit card to pay the nominal fee, or purchase a token from the Vacation Rental office that will activate the wash.

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The dog park also has a grassy place to play, and homeowners and guests enjoy bringing the pup to meet other doggie beach lovers just like them! We created this pet safe haven so dog walkers would have a destination. Make sure to clean up after your pet, of course, and enjoy the taking your pups to the beach, as well! Dogs love the broad expanse of sea and sky as much as you do!

jodi peters dogs at  cinnamon shore

Jodi Peters, Managing Broker of Cinnamon Shore Realty, loves letting her dogs enjoy the vast beach on weekends or between showings.

With many pet-friendly rental homes and condos, you'll always have a place to bring Fido. And you'll enjoy meeting fellow dog lovers as during your stay. We even included dogs in our Halloween Fest costume contest last fall, with a special category just for them. 

man with dogs at dog park cinnamon shore

We agree with the well-known quote on our Dog Dunes Playground sign: “Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.”

So, bring your pet to Cinnamon Shore!


Photos: Briggs, Natalie T., photo contest submission; Dog Park Walkway, Dog Wash and Man with Dogs: Evoke Memories Photography; Dogs on Beach: Courtesy Jodi Peters
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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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