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Tips for Sharing a Vacation Rental: For the Holidays or Any Time


Discover smart ways to vacation with family and friends, during holidays, Spring Break, and any time!

Heading to the beach with your multi-generational family or your couple friends and their kids can be a blast! The kids get to play, the adults get to play -- and if you're renting a beach house it can help stretch your vacation dollars. A little planning can make the trip go smoother for everyone. It's tough to get everyone on the same page for dinner. (At Cinnamon Shore, just head over to Lisabella's Bistro or Dylan's Coal Oven Pizzeria!) And how do you mix your toddlers with your best friends' tweens?

Vacationing with other couples -- even if they're your best friends or favorite sibling or beloved grandparents -- simple requires a little vacation etiquette, common courtesies, and, of course, a relaxing environment. Cinnamon Shore does its part by providing beautiful vacation homes meant to be shared. So, read on for tips that ensure that your multi-family vacation goes off without a hitch!


Pass the compatibility test.

In her article "How to Vacation with Another Family and Still Come Back Friends," writer Suzanne Jannese offers tips that range from accepting the other couple's parenting style to talking about kids' bedtimes before arriva--just to avoid one family expecting kids tucked into bunks and quiet by 8 p.m., while the other lets them play Fornite til midnight! Plus, Suzanne says it's essential that kids in the group get along reasonably well: "There is no point heading off on vacation if your child is going to spend the whole time miserable or bickering because they don’t get along with your friends’ kids." Lisa Goodmurphy, a.k.a. The Spunky Travel Mama agrees. On her blog,, she says choosing a compatible family is the No. 1 essential in a successful co-vacation.


Talk through the plans.

Don't wing the itinerary, suggests blogger Lisa Goodmurphy. It would be no fun to get to Cinnamon Shore and find out one family had booked a deep sea fishing excursion every day when all the other family wants to do is lounge at the Dune Pool. She stresses that even if one person has the go-ahead to take the lead in planning, it's still smart to get everyone's buy-in on activities.

At Cinnamon Shore, Movies Under the Stars and S'mores Nights offer built-in fun that everyone can enjoy, shown HERE.  And you can check out our Essentials and Extras page HERE for more great activities all over Mustang Island.


Choose the right place.

Of course, at Cinnamon Shore, we think we have just what you're looking for--gracious and spacious beach homes designed to fit multiple families. Kids of the same age can congregate in a downstairs den while adults mix cocktails at the upstairs wet bar or prep dinner. Some homes have two sets of washers and dryers to make keeping up with the laundry a breeze. And many have two master suites--no flipping a coin required! Look for rentals with those kinds of features and these hightlights:

  • Bunk Rooms. So many vacation homes at Cinnamon Shore have ship-shape bunks that delight the younger set. Look for nautical prints, sturdy ladders, and boards games and puzzles.
  • Outdoor porches. Many of the guest rooms open to side porches or private balconies where a couples can have some down time away from the group. Later gather for sunset hour as a group on the bigger balconies.
  • Kitchens with island seating. State-of-the-art kitchens in many homes suit the cook in your crew, while many have islands that double as lunch counters after a morning at the beach.
  •  Multiple dens and living rooms. It's so nice for adults and kids to have separate spots to relax before everyone gathers for movie night or a big shrimp fest in the family room. 

Photo: Katy Frank/Evoke Memories Photography


Make it easy to share costs.

It's easy to split the cost of a vacation rental, but there are apps out there that help you split the cost of the whole trip--including that delicious pizza pie at Dylan's. 

Check out the Trip Splitter app, available on iTunes, for one easy way to track trip costs and calculate IOUs in real time. It's an easy way to even up at the end of the vacation. Look at other app options, such as Settle Up, too.


Keep the kids busy.

If you want your down time to relax, it helps to keep the kids occupied. At Cinnamon Shore, there's a village-like feel that ensures they have some independence, as older kids can head over to The Market to pick up a snack or take the dog to the Dog Park to play.

We also offer sand castle building, surf lessons, and more in summer, into fall, and often during holidays, including Halloween and Labor Day. See our Events page HERE.


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So, if you think you're ready to try vacationing with your neighbors or your favorite cousin and her family, consider booking at Cinnamon Shore -- before the best of the big, multi-family vacation homes get taken for the dates you want!  From 5-bedroom homes to options with bunk rooms and a spot for your pet, we've got you covered.

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