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Value a Vacation at Cinnamon Shore

Ready for a vacation?

A recent Expedia survey shows Americans value of vacations more than ever after 2020--especially after all the time people spent at home. Can you relate? The annual Vacation Deprivation Study revealed:

  • Travelers plan to take an extra week (five days) of vacation in 2021.
  • One-third report they will take more vacations than usual this year.

What makes vacation time even more fulfilling, according to the study?

  • 64% said time with family on vacation make them more valuable.
  • 54% said “time to relax and do nothing” makes for the happiest vacation.

Cinnamon Shore happily helps with both of those bullet points! It’s a place to just be with family and lounge—in gorgeous accommodations, beside one of three pools, and, of course, on the best maintained stretch of shoreline on the Texas Coast. It also qualifies as the type of place Expedia’s 2021 Travel Trends Report says people are looking for most: outdoorsy, small town, or off the beaten path.

Find your way to the broad, manicured beaches of Cinnamon Shore, reserve your umbrella and lounge chairs, and enjoy.

umbrella and sand bucket risner cinnamon shore

This year the Vacation Deprivation study reversed a long-time trend among American workers. For years, research showed U.S. employees left vacation days on the table, eschewing Paid Time Off for getting ahead in the office. Well, in 2020, many were forced to work from home, and maybe they had plenty of time to get caught up at work. Perhaps the pandemic helped people realize what's really important and time away from the office qualifies. Or maybe it allowed them to dream of an escape other their own backyard. Now they're planning to take more vacation time in the coming year -- a total of 13 days, up from just 8 days taken in 2020.

Vacation Deficit

In the year of the pandemic, vacations, for many, were limited. Expedia found that the U.S. reported the fewest number of vacation days taken in 2020 out of the 16 countries surveyed. And people felt more  vacation deprived than in past years, with 64 percent of U.S. respondents reporting they felt vacation deprived, a three percent increase from 2020 and 11 percent increase compared to five years ago. Other survey results showed where the U.S. lagged, according to the press release about the survey:

  • Fewest Days Received, Most Days Left on the Table: Not only did U.S. employees take the fewest vacation days (8) in 2020, along with Thailand the U.S. also received the fewest vacation days (13) when compared to other countries surveyed.
  • Time Between Vacations Has Grown: One in four (26%) U.S. respondents noted they haven't taken a vacation in over a year, compared to 16 percent in 2019.
  • Using Vacation Time, but Not for Vacation: 47 percent used at least one vacation day in 2020 to care for a sick family member or in lieu of childcare.
  • More Cancelled Trips: 42 percent cancelled one or more trips last year due to COVID-19.

Port Aransas and Cinnamon Shore Benefit From 2021 Trends!


cinnamon shore sunrise


Throughout 2020, Cinnamon Shore actually attracted more vacationers than ever, with bookings way up. In fact, we had a 54% increase in total vacation bookings and a 75% increase rental revenue in 2020 over 20219. As an easy-to-drive to destination, our community served as a great resort getaway in an open-air environment that feels safe and secure. We expect that trend to continue in 2021, as we earned new fans and followers from first-time guests in 2020 who pledged to return this year!

So if like the people who responded to Expedia's survey, you're looking for longer vacations and quality time with family. Spend it here!  

We have countless options for couples, families, and multiple families to share.  From multi-story condos and town homes to spacious beach homes and adorable cottages, you'll find the perfect match for your needs. We even have plenty of pet-friendly options.



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LEAD PHOTO CREDIT: Sunset at Lake Gavin by Katy Frank/Evoke Memories


Published by Jennifer Smith
Thursday, February 4, 2021

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