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New Architects Join Cinnamon Shore Design Team


Meet Two Texas Architects Now Designing Homes at ‘South’!

 With our fast-growing expansion at South, we’re working with some of the best design professionals in the South. Now, we’re thrilled to welcome two highly regarded Texas architects to the Cinnamon Shore Design Team: Tim Brown of Dripping Springs, Texas, and Dale Dibello of New Braunfels, Texas. Their design philosophies line up with Urban Designer Mark Schnell’s master plan for Cinnamon Shore, and they’re both believers in the New Urbanist principles that guide that plan.

tim brown architect head shot

Tim Brown, Dripping Springs, TX
Tim Brown Architecture


Tim and his firm are on tap to design new cottage plans for our next phase and will be available for custom projects, too. “We are so excited to be getting involved at Cinnamon Shore,” says Tim, whose firm has done work in Florida at Crane Island (Amelia Island) and along 30A. “We love Low Country and coastal design in general. We speak the language and enjoy creating in this style.”

tim brown crane island sample

Crane Island Home | Tim Brown Architecture


He admires the way Town Centers serve as centerpieces of Cinnamon Shore neighborhoods. “I truly believe in the New Urbanist concepts of creating a village and encouraging interaction in an organic way,” he says.

"We are intentional designers. We believe that homes and spaces should invoke a peaceful and restorative environment. Every space that we design includes loads of natural light in an intimate setting that is flexible for multiple purposes." -- Tim Brown, Tim Brown Architects

A native of Maine, Tim didn't consider himself a "beach person" until recently. "The Northern Atlantic is extremely cold. I saw beaches as a once-in-a-while place to visit. Mostly, they provided great food," he says. But after a visit to Rosemary Beach on Scenic Highway 30A in Florida about five years ago, he now understands the lure of the Gulf Coast. "I am now hooked," he says. In fact, he has become a lover of the Gulf Coast and the tranquility it offers for healing and rest. “The homes and structures that inhabit the coast should reflect the same sentiment,” he says.

tim brown crane island interior sample

Crane Island Porch Views Through Living Space To Marsh | Tim Brown Architecture

A longtime residential architect, Tim founded his firm in 2009. Taking a comprehensive approach to home design, he keeps the qualities of “aesthetic beauty, energy efficiency, and a custom fit for the homeowner at the forefront” of every project. He is a licensed architect in several states,  a member of the American Institute of Architects, and LEED and BPI certified.


Dale Dibello, New Braunfels, TX
Dibello Architects PLLC

Having lived in a New Urbanist community New Braunfels, Dale knows this type of master-planned community first-hand. “I’m a big believer in that architectural movement,” he says, noting its attention to scale, quality, and detail. “I’m also referred to as a New Traditionalist,” he adds, pointing to his firm’s fresh approach to classic architectural styles.

dale dibello lakeside home

West Indies Style -- Lakeside Home | Dibello Architects

Dale was drawn to the potential at South when he first visited Cinnamon Shore North. “The feel of the place―it’s just so well done,” he says. “The planning of the neighborhood is really brilliant, and there are guides in place to keep the quality that way. From the smallest detail to the overall planning, things are so artfully thought through that all of the goals for the community are realized.”

Dale is eager for his firm to begin work on several spec homes at South, and he looks forward to “designing homes that will add to the fabric there.” He believes that having a variety of architects working under the parameters of the master plan but with their own interpretations will add to its overall success.

 A plein air painter as well as an architect, he creates works of art and architecture that allow people to rest and reflect. After his initial visit to Cinnamon Shore, he headed over to Port Aransas' Leona Turnbull Birding Center, setting up on the birding boardwalk over the wetlands with his pastels to paint the landscape. His hobby of painting is a great creative diversion for him, and while he has long enjoyed doing pastel work of Hill Country scenes, he imagines his association with Cinnamon Shore will give him more inspiration to work on coastal landscapes in between visits to South.

Dale enjoyed Galveston Beach as a child growing up near Houston, but he and his family have gotten to know Port Aransas since living in New Braunfels. "I always like it because it’s such a different place than the Hill Country--the way the sun feels, the wind. It’s a like reset, and it's a great place to be refreshed. I could see living there in a place like Cinnamon Shore, but we're settled in New Braunfels," he says. 


dale dibello lakeside home

West Indies Style -- Lakeside Home | Dibello Architects

As Founder and CEO of his firm, Dale approaches each project with “clarity and simplicity.” His conviction “that beauty and harmony are best found in patterns of traditional and classical architecture” make him a perfect fit for Cinnamon Shore.

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