BlogMarch 2021TRENDING: Cinnamon Shore In Sync With AmEx's 2021 Top Trends

TRENDING: Cinnamon Shore In Sync With AmEx's 2021 Top Trends

Travelers are on the move: See why Cinnamon Shore is drawing record interest and booking faster than ever.

American Express has released its American Express Travel: Global Travel Trends Report, providing unique insight into consumer sentiment toward travel nearly one year after the COVID-19 pandemic began. Through results are grounded in survey research across seven countries, including the United States, Australia, India, Canada, Mexico, Japan and the United Kingdom1, they mirror what we're seeing in Texas' beachgoers' behavior--with more bookings than ever.

The survey demonstrates that consumers are looking forward to traveling again and that they are planning for future trips.

Here's what the survey says -- and how Cinnamon Shore fulfills what people are looking for.

Survey Says...


There's a Strong Pent-Up Demand for Travel.

87% of people surveyed said that having a trip planned in the future gives them something to look forward to, 76% of respondents are creating their destination wish list for future travel even though they might not be able to travel yet and 63% of respondents said that they are saving their credit card points so they can go on a vacation once they feel comfortable traveling.

 At Cinnamon Shore: While many of our guests have missed international travel, many of the guests who discovered Cinnamon Shore have told us they plan to return to our beach this year! We'll be here, within easy driving distance, for vacationers looking for an easy place to relax following trips to further-flung destinations 

People Are Ready to Book Now.

56% of respondents said that they miss traveling so much that they are willing to book a trip now even if they might have to cancel it in the future.

At Cinnamon Shore: We're seeing families and return guests pre-booking their favorite rental properties with longer lead times, giving themselves guaranteed beach time.

Digital Nomads Are Rising.

54% of respondents said that the freedom and flexibility of being able to live and work while traveling the globe is more appealing now than it was prior to the pandemic.

At Cinnamon Shore: We had some families negotiate longer-term rentals during the pandemic. And many discovered that they can work anywhere, so more frequent vacations at Cinnamon Shore are a real possibility!

Safety is a Priority.

65% of respondents said they plan to travel after they and their family members have received a vaccine for COVID-19.

At Cinnamon Shore: We value your safety, too. Protocols for cleaning rental properties and encouraging social distance have been in place since the pandemic escalated more than a year ago. Our enclave brings families together where they can enjoy broad, wide-open beaches.

Privacy is the New Ultimate Luxury.

75% of respondents agree that the experiences that offer ultimate privacy is becoming a key sought-after feature of luxury travel.

At Cinnamon Shore: Our upscale rentals offer many beach homes with wrap-around porches, multiple living spaces, and relaxing, designer interiors where you can enjoy time with family and friends. Common, community spaces are busier during peak weekends, but our community remains an exclusive enclave within the larger town of Port Aransas -- a true oasis of relaxed, yet luxurious beachside living.


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Published on Monday, March 22, 2021

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