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The Colors of Cinnamon Shore


A palette for sea and shore helps define our community.

What color would your coastal dream home be? At Cinnamon Shore, our master plan helps you decide–and it also ensures the community maintains its classic appeal and genuine sense of place.

Cinnamon Shore’s town planner, Urban Designer Mark Schnell, called on his wife, nationally known interior designer Paige Schnell of Tracery Interiors, to help establish the color palette for Cinnamon Shore.

As part of the community’s rigorous, architectural standards, the colors range from groups of whites and creams to tans and ultimately dark blues, but every color available has what Schnell calls a “muted” quality. “By muted, I mean that there is a good amount of gray mixed in with pure hues like blue, green, etc.,” he explains. “The added gray gives the color palette a more sophisticated and serene look than heavily saturated colors.”  

Those colors, with trims in mandatory white, off-white or cream, “create harmony and continuity” as you stroll through Cinnamon Shore. 


Matching Mustang Island’s landscape

Mark, who lives and works on Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A, has gotten to know our sliver of a barrier island. He describes it as “very open, and a relatively dry grassland with a big, bright sky.” He knew that the colors for Cinnamon Shore should complement that landscape and not cower under the “bright, South Texas sun.”

“We wanted beautiful colors, but also ones that didn’t scream, ‘Look at me!’ against the already gorgeous backdrop of vegetation, sky, and water,” Schnell says.


Light and bright

 The colors work with the rest of the Design Code to ensure consistency in the overall aesthetic at both Cinnamon Shore North and South, where the existing color palette continues. 

The colors at Cinnamon Shore contribute to a “sense of lightness” that Mark says complements the vertical proportions of the villages. “Cinnamon Shore is designed to be a small-town version of an urban place, and the proportions of an urban place are generally vertical due to the relatively tall narrow buildings,” he explains. “We wanted the architecture to feel very light, and we wanted to direct people’s eyes upward.”

Some color variations may distinguish the Town Center at South from the Town Center at North, and some new colors be introduced for future phases at South. However, in general, the current, primary palette will likely remain unchanged as Cinnamon Shore grows.


Making your choice

Knowing the thought process behind the color palette at Cinnamon Shore can help you make your decision about what color you would choose for your beach home! There are dozens and dozens of options in groups of colors, shown HERE and scroll through PDF to see color swatches.

And because you have so many options within the parameters of the design code, you have freedom to find a favorite among a universe of approved colors while contributing to the cohesive look of Cinnamon Shore. “The only requirement that ever prevents anyone from their first choice of color is that neighboring homes cannot have identical or even similar colors,” Mark explains. This simple requirement provides a variety of colors, which, according to Mark, makes “the place feel timeless, regardless of color trends.”


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