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Top 5 Best Sellers in our Gift Shop!


Stop by the Gift Shop in the Cinnamon Shore Vacation Rentals office to pick up a memento.

Choose your favorite T-shirt or sweatshirt. Popular tumblers come in various sizes, and the tall, 35-ounce version holds an entire bottle of wine. “That’s been a good selling point,” says Merchandise Manager Tricia Tinnin, laughing. In the future, Cinnamon Shore merch will be available online, but for now, make a purchase in person the next time you’re in town.


1. Beachfront T-shirt

Available in Seaglass, Coral, Navy and White, $29


2. Cinnamon Shore University Sweatshirt

Available in Coral, $56


3. Texas Tradition T-shirt

Available in Coral Crazy and Cypress, $29


4. Cinnamon Shore Solar T-shirt

Available in Blue, White, Coral and Gray, $45


5. Assorted Tumblers

Available in Seaglass, Coral, Navy and White; 12 oz., $28; 20 oz., $30; 25 oz., $35

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