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Nominate Your Favorites! New Restaurant & Retail at Cinnamon Shore

Who Should Be at Cinnamon Shore?

 We're Looking For One-Of-A-Kind Restaurants & Retail!

We’re ready to bring more great eateries, shops, and services to Cinnamon Shore—and we want your input! So many restaurateurs and owners are interested, but we’d love to get your perspective. And maybe you’re one of the dreamers who want to bring your business concept to the beach!

Join us as we carefully curate a collection of inspiring eateries and shops—especially for the Texas Coast!

 Nominate & Apply Now

Now you can nominate yourself or a favorite business via our online Business Application portal. We’re talking with serious restaurateurs and retail operators interested in buying property and building a place of their own. They should have a vision for a beachside place where they can do what they do best! A built-in customer base who appreciates the finer things awaits!

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For First-Wave Consideration, Apply By Feb. 28, 2022

What’s Available

At North: We have land available on two commercial sites. Buy the property, build your own building, and start planning a grand opening!

At South: We’re designing a new Town Center with lots of opportunities for restaurants and retail. Applicants should let us know square footage needs, why their venture would fit our beachside town, and details of how they’d operate.

How to Apply for Consideration

Use our easy online portal to fill out an e-application. You’ll share contact info, a one-page business plan, a video introduction, collateral material, and more.

How to Nominate Your Favorite

Click on our online portal. Under Nominate Your Favorite, tell us in 100 words or less why this restaurant, shop or service belongs at Cinnamon Shore!

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Interested in Learning More? 

You can read more about the special dining experiences, shopping experience, and services that we want to add to Cinnamon Shore in our Retail & Restaurant Brochure.

You'll see that only the best of the best will be considered. Our relationship with independent retailers and restaurateurs will be collaborative, as we both seek to make the vacation experience in our village truly unique. 

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Flip through our Retail & Restaurant Brochure to catch the vision!

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Thursday, January 6, 2022

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