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Doggone Fun at Cinnamon Shore!

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Bring Your Pet To The Beach!

Our pet-friendly rentals make it easy to bring your dog to the beach at Cinnamon Shore.

We've noticed that one of the most popular searches on our web site is for pet-friendly vacation rentals

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 Dogs are welcome here~

We have a lot of homes and condos that welcome furry friends. You love your dog, and we love your dog! And you're likely to pass a lot of pets on leashes as you make your way to the beach at Cinnamon Shore. named Port Aransas one of the 7 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Texas! But before you bring Fido to Port A, check out these tips for a safe and happy vacation.


Consider a doggie life vest.

Not every dog needs a life vest, but experts recommend researching your breed to find out how comfortable your dog most likely will be around water. If you have any concerns about safety, think about getting a doggie life vest, which sell for around $25. Brands include Kurgo, Paws Aboard, and Petsaver. 

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Help them avoid drinking saltwater.

It's common sense, but experts warn that saltwater can make dogs sick just like it can harm people. Bring along a portable doggie bowl and canteen just for your pet so he's not as tempted to lap at the surf in the Texas heat. 

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Give a rinse after a romp in the Gulf. recommends rinsing a dog's coat with fresh water after a dip in the salty sea, as it can be harsh on the pet's fur. At our Dune Dogs Playground, we offer a pet wash that makes it easy to give your dog a bath and keep them fresh and clean.


Make room under the  umbrella. 

Dogs get hot, too, and some can even get sunburned. One veterinarian web site reveals that dogs with white fur are more susceptible to sunburn, as they have fairer skin beneath their fur, but all dogs have vulnerable areas. Special dog sunscreen can go on tips of ears, groin area, nose, and other hairless or delicate areas. 

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Protect paws from hot surfaces

Test the temperature of pavement and boardwalks before you let Fido prance across it. Asphalt, sidewalk pavers, and even wooden structures like our dune crossovers can heat up under the Texas sun and burn your buddy's paws. When in doubt, carry your pet over hot surfaces or wait until a cooler time of the day to take him for a walk.

You can even buy doggie booties that protect paws against hot surfaces, such as the Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boots, available for under $15 on On, check out silicone, water-proof dog boot from YOULY The Nature Lover for around $20.




 Check out the available properties that allow pets at Cinnamon Shore! Book today for a stay that includes ALL the members of your family.





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