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Exploring St. José Island

An easy excursion takes you to this isolated, shell-rich island, then you can return to Cinnamon Shore!

Day Trip Destination

Guests love to laze away the days on the Cinnamon Shore beachfront and at our distinctive pools. But if the idea of boating over to an uninhabited, undeveloped isle appeals to your inner beachcomber, St. José Island, a.k.a. St. Jo, is just a 10-minute ferry ride from Port A. “I take my kids out there all the time,” says Brianna Pool, a who works at Fisherman’s Wharf. “It’s the most natural beach in Texas. It’s untouched.”

Cinnamon Shore homeowner Kate Burkhart of Grapevine, Texas, says going to St. Jo is one of her family’s favorite things to do. When they’re not enjoying their new beach home at Cinnamon Shore South, they may take the ferry over or even their own boat. “It’s a really cool spot,” Kate says. “The water is amazing…very clear due to no vehicle access.”

St. Jo island

The Burkhart family enjoys exploring the island, fishing and relaxing.

How To Get There

A passenger ferry called The Jetty Boat takes you from Fisherman’s Wharf in downtown Port A. No reservations necessary. Private boats can also motor over. Ferry Departure Times for Summer: Starting at 6:30 a.m. and then almost every hour on the hour until 4 p.m. See schedule/ticket info

“We go for the day and take a tent and water activities. The shells are amazing, and you can find so many cool things washed up on the shore. It’s very calm and quiet.”
—Kate Burkhart, Cinnamon Shore Homeowner

What To Do

From surf casting to dropping a line into the ship channel from the north jetty, the fishing’s a big draw for some. “My husband and son swear the fishing is better here,” Kate says. Others bring fishing nets and sand pails for shell hunting. “The shells are amazing,” Kate says.

How Long to Stay

 Some stay an hour or two, while others spend the day. But be warned: There are no bathroom facilities, and wildlife like coyotes and rattlesnakes do roam.

Where to Explore

21 miles of unspoiled beachfront. Privately owned, the island welcomes the public to explore the beaches below the high tide line—prime real estate for beachcombers, shell seekers and fishers.

When You’re Done

The ferry returns you to civilization—and your comfortable vacation rental or beach home at Cinnamon Shore!

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Photos of  the family and the island courtesy the Burkharts.

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Monday, October 3, 2022

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