BlogMarch 2022'Wish You Were Here' Contest Winners

'Wish You Were Here' Contest Winners

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Winning photos and staff favorites from our most recent photo contest

We appreciate all the stories that people shared about their time at Cinnamon Shore. This image from Jim D. captured a "Staff Favorite" spot in our 'We You Were Here" contest, which ran from mid-September to the end of February. It captures the magic of dusk at Cinnamon Shore.

“The tranquility of Cinnamon Shore at night is a sight to see.”

--Jim D. | Feb. 25, 2022

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1st Place: Birthday weekend

“We celebrated by mother’s 70th birthday at Cinnamon Shore! We had a grand celebration to ring in 70.”

--Melissa W.  | Oct. 28, 2022


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2nd Place: “Ocean waves…sand waves”

“…what better places for any kind of waves, than beach waves at Cinnamon Shore. We love being at the beach.”

--Diana M. | Nov. 18, 2021

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3rd Place:  Porch morning love at Cinnamon Shore

“This was our first trip to Cinnamon Shore this fall and we fell in love.”

--Lydia W. | Jan. 10, 2022


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Staff Favorite: Besties on a porch swing

“Nothing feels more like paradise than two besties relaxing together on a beautiful day, at a beautiful place. This is Cinnamon Shore for us! We had some of the best naps, conversations, and just special moments of peace on that porch swing together. Thank you, Cinnamon Shore, for providing the most beautiful place for people to enjoy for years to come.”

--Autumn T. | Feb. 20, 2022

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Staff Favorite: Starting a family tradition

“This was our first time staying at Cinnamon Shore and with only one kid. We’ve since added two little girls to the family. We have been back nearly every year since, but this photo documents the moment we fell in love with Cinnamon Shore and it became a family tradition.”

--Carrie K. | Feb. 13, 2022


Staff Favorite: Family photo op

“We love every part of Cinnamon Shore –from the lakes to the ocean. We are happy as long as we are here together.”

-Jayla G. | Jan. 31, 2022


Staff Favorite: Best place to chill

“Cinnamon Shore has become a tradition for our family. Our daughters, husband and especially our dog enjoy this community.”

Fabiola M. |  Jan. 28, 2022

boy fishing_staff_303a4c93bf035ec4a61d928dlarge

Staff Favorite: Surf fishing

‘Best. Day. Ever.”

--Theresa D. | Jan. 16, 2022

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Staff Favorite: Early risers

“Vacation with toddlers means you are up in time for a beautiful sunrise.”

--Jessica M. | Oct. 24, 2021


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