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All About the Last Homesite Release at 'South'

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It's your very last chance to build from the ground up at Cinnamon Shore South ~ Don't Miss It!

Cinnamon Shore South in Port Aransas, Texas, has grown from a blank, wind-swept, sandy plain to a charming village in just a few years! Since breaking ground in fall of 2018 to today, we've sold phase after phase at a record pace -- and more quickly than our original community,  even though South is almost four times as large, with 150 Gulf-side acres.

Our goal? To become your family’s anchoring place—a tradition that starts here and never ends.Sun-kissed, salt water-splashed memories never fade.     

Reserve a site now, and then close and start construction with a trusted builder in Spring 2023. Your dream beach home is within reach! View the map of the last available homesites HERE!


Choose From 40-plus Homesites!

For our last release of homesites at Cinnamon Shore South, you'll have your choice of one of the most desirable phases at South. It's built around the village's second lake--a 4-acre waterscape that promises serene views. An 8-foot boardwalk draws joggers, walkers, and families out for a stroll. Fishing pavilions beckon those who want to cast a line into fully stocked waters. 

The phase also boasts a brand-new pool, slated to be largest of any pool at Cinnamon Shore North or South. It will offer restaurant and bar service, as well. Other amenities include:

  • Lakeside Plaza:  A wooden, lakeside plaza with community fire pit and lawn
  • Sundown Court: A paver-lined street and plaza lined with reading benches and shade trees
  • Allée of Palms: A broad, tree-lined allée of palms, providing grandeur during a walk to the beach


Lakeside, Parkside, Poolside!

Urban planner Mark Schnell of Florida's Scenic Highway 30-A designed our community, and he makes sure every homesite fits into the overall plan with great care. The Design Code ensures each home contributes to the whole. For this last release, more than 25 sites front the community's second lake. Some open onto charming pocket parks where green grass welcomes neighborhood children and offers extra outdoor living space. And some are near the large-scale pool.

Check out the Final Phase Homesite Availability Map!


Following the Tradition of Cinnamon Shore

Our first village, Cinnamon Shore North, broke ground in 2007, and it has set the standard for beachside living in Texas ever since. From establishing the first walkable, New Urban village on the Texas Coast to our new expansion at Cinnamon Shore South, we’ve elevated the coastal experience with classic architecture, family-friendly fun, and a master plan executed with precision and passion. Plus, we love the beach as much as our homeowners and guests!.

Located on scenic Mustang Island on the outskirts of longtime fishing town favorite Port Aransas, Cinnamon Shore quickly became a go-to beach vacation destination. It's known for resort-like amenities and family-centered fun. And now, it's a Texas tradition.


Evocative, Dreamy Beachside Living

In addition to the three lovely pools at Cinnamon Shore North, the  spectacular, cabana-lined pool at South has already become iconic. It's a symbol of the quality, thought, and craftsmanship at Cinnamon , and it's both the fulfillment of the Cinnamon Shore vision and the promise of more to come. The pool is grand and relaxing at the same time time. Currently, C Bar Too serves the pool, offering grab-and-go fare and serving up frosty brews and beverages.

As 'South' grows into a village of its own, homeowners can look forward to the brand-new Family Pool, breaking ground in 2022. It will offer spacious room to swim and lounge, plus a splash pad and tower, all overlooking the large, 7-acre lake. The largest pool in all of Cinnamon Shore will break ground next, promising a full-service restaurant and bar. It's another of our resort-style amenities that homeowners and vacation rental guests will appreciate. All of our pools are sparkling, blue oases that lure beachgoers up from the shoreline, though the beach itself remains the community's main attraction.

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Easy Access To A Manicured Stretch of Beachfront

A two-way dune crossover currently serves Cinnamon Shore South, accommodating pedestrian and golf cart traffic with ease. The sturdy structure arches over the dunes and takes you to the broad beachfront. Cinnamon Shore teams set up umbrellas and beach bonfires here on demand, with reservations for their services just a click away on our website.

A new dune crossover will provide convenient beach access to owners and guests in the Final Phase of Cinnamon Shore South -- and construction will align with construction of the homes in this phase.


We Make It Easy To Build

When buyers purchase their homesite, they have access to our premier network of trusted coastal builders. They have experience building in the coastal clime, and they are true craftsmen, knowledgeable about the latest trends in the industry. 

Step 1: Select your site.
Step 2: Work through design phase. 
Step 3
: Start construction loan process. 
Step 4:
Submit approved house plan to bank for appraisal, along with builder agreement.
Step 5: Finish paperwork on construction loan.
Step 6: Green light builder to apply for city building permit.
Step 7: Watch building progress.
Step 8: Move in and enjoy beach life!



Join the Preferred Buyers program by Tues., May 24th. You’ll receive pricing, property details and more—everything needed to make an informed decision! We’ll walk you through our virtual selection process so you can stake your claim in the prettiest village on the Texas Coast.

If you’re already a Preferred Buyer, be ready to make your selection. Sites will go quickly!

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