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Best Bets for Bedroom Decor: Learning from Cinnamon Shore

We're all about relaxation at Cinnamon Shore.

Whether it’s for a guest bedroom or for the master bedroom, choosing the right décor— is challenging. You don’t want a boring, bland, and featureless room. Spaces without personality can remind you of hotels or clinical settings—not exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep.

You want a room with furnishings and finishing touches that prompt restful lounging and deep, fulfilling sleep. Our homeowners and the designers they work with turn to many different sources and outfit many different types of bedrooms, from grand, primary suites to bunkrooms and lofts. Whether you're getting ideas for a vacation home or your own home, take a look at some of the homes at Cinnamon Shore! They offer some guiding principles that will alleviate some of the guesswork.

Rounded Headboard

First Things First: Mattress Matters

 The room’s purpose revolves around the most critical choice you’ll have to make—the mattress! We love beautiful rooms, but the mattress matters most when it comes to a restful night's sleep.

Whether you want a plush or firm mattress, proper support is essential. You want a mattress that will ensure proper alignment of your spine, but also takes into account your preferences, sleep position, and even body type. The size of the room may dictate bed size and mattress dimensions, so do your homework to determine the type of mattress that matches your needs. 

If you’re remodeling or replacing a worn or outmoded mattress, you’ll have to give a thought to mattress disposal. Most towns have some form of municipal pick-up available, but you may have to call the appropriate state or local government agency to schedule the request.

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Simple Elegance

Once you’ve chosen the bed, design the room around its placement. Pick a spot that’s not too near a window, as morning light can make it difficult to sleep in. Blackout shades and shutters at the beach help keep coastal sunlight at bay.

Aim to keep at least three feet between the sides of the bed and any walls or large pieces of furniture. And, if possible, choose a location that won’t force you to walk around the bed when returning from a bathroom visit or carrying a tray with breakfast items or midnight snacks.

While some gorgeous bedrooms at Cinnamon Shore include sitting areas and fireplaces, the old adage "less is more" works for many vacation home bedrooms. Furnish the room with only the essentials—a bed, nightstands, a dresser, and a chair or two are all you need. Minimize accessories—a beach-theme painting, a vintage surfboard hung on the wall, or perhaps some flowers. 


Subtle Shades & Soft Tones

Choosing subtle color palette can create a sanctuary, a tranquil place you can turn for rest, romance, or just to recharge. You can be expressive with your color scheme, but the primary color and accessories can speak in whispers rather than make bold statements. Consider the Color of the Year, a spellbinding shade of periwinkle called Very Peri that strikes the right harmonious notes—soothing without being boring, calm without being comatose.


Quiet with Happy Sparks of Color

Understated colors can have a calming effect, but many bedrooms at Cinnamon Shore rely on coastal whites and creams as the overall tone, but add beachy, bright pops of color with pillows and accessories. 

48715h 1_rug

Accentuate Floors & Ceilings

Every room has four walls—sort of. Don’t forget the top and bottom of the room! Choose flooring or ceiling treatments to accentuate the space.

Painting the ceiling a slightly lighter version of the wall color can visually lower the ceiling and make the room feel cozier and more intimate. Stencils can also lend a hand-finished touch to the ceiling and are most effective around the edges and in contrasting colors. If time and budget allow, consider crown molding or other architectural touches, like exposed beams or lofted ceilings. Many homes at Cinnamon Shore have elegant millwork or an accent wall covered in popular shiplap.

For the floor coverings, the right rug can really tie the room together. Pick one that stays within the same color palette as the walls and ceiling and is soft underfoot. Invest in nonslip pads to keep it in place. If you don’t wish to cover the floor, consider elements such as a stenciled border or framed artwork leaning against the wall, which can add a sense of whimsy to a room.


Window Dressing

As much as we love the natural light in vacation homes at the beach, your privacy matters. Window treatments can make or break your bedroom design.

If your room has a light, open feel, like many of our beach homes, consider covering the windows in sheer, soft curtains that filter and diffuse available light. Shutters have an island feel, recalling West Indies style. From Roman shades to curtains you can draw, the type of covering you choose shouldn't be an afterthought. Roller blinds or room darkening shades in a complementary color can provide needed privacy or block intense sunlight during the day, letting you sleep late, stay cool, or enjoy some quiet alone time.


Count Down to Luxury

Nothing contributes to the comfort and luxury of a bedroom like the right linens. Picking the right ones can determine whether the sheep you're counting leap clear or land with a clatter, keeping your awake.

When it comes to thread count, more is more. Choose 100% linen or cotton with a high thread count—350 at a minimum, but the sky (and your budget!) is the only limit.

As for other bedding, pick up the wall color or match lumbar pillows and shams with the window treatment upholstery. Other fabrics throughout the bedroom can contribute to the overall feel of a plush, relaxing retreat. A soft microfiber throw on the foot of the bed or draped casually across the back of a reading chair are lovely touches.


Sweet Dreams

Whether for a beach house or at home, you can make each bedroom a favorite spot that you’ll be comfortable and happy in for years to come. Research your options, gather ideas, and then combine all the elements to match your preferences. Once you're done with all your hard work, reward yourself with a nice, long nap!


Enjoy R&R at Cinnamon Shore!

To experience one of the gorgeous bedrooms in our vacation rental residences, browse available condos, cottages, beach homes, and townhomes. You're sure to get plenty of rest—and more great decoration ideas!



By Kristina Marshall, guest blogger
Adapted for Cinnamon Shore 




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