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Compared to the Keys...

Travel site 'Thrillist' equates Texas' barrier isles to South Florida's premier destination--and highlights Lisabella's at Cinnamon Shore!

What fun to see Mustang Island profiled alongside other great islands on the Texas Coast! In a May 2022 article, writer Matt Kirouac says that Mustang, Galveston Island, San Jose Island, Matagorda Island and others are "like the Florida Keys of Texas...but with more yeehaw."

He describes Mustang Island, where Cinnamon Shore graces the outskirts of Port Aransas, as "a haven of seafood restaurants, margaritas, beachside festivals, and Easter egg-colored cottages," noting  that it beckons both families and spring breakers.Like the booty sought by frequent visitor and pirate Jean Lafitte, Port Aransas rewards visitors with treasures that include "award-winning sand sculptures, adrenaline-pumping jet ski jaunts, and all the shrimp and redfish you can eat," he writes.

Touting Lisabella's

Of all the places a travel writer could dine in Port Aransas, Matt must have tried Lisabella's--and, clearly, he liked it. He describes it as a "beachy-chic restaurant" in the "bougie" community of Cinnamon Shore, the only time he mentioned a specific community or vacation destination in the write-up about our island. He noticed all the seafood restaurants and bars in town: "Just about every place on the island offers top-tier fish and seafood, perhaps best exemplified by Lisabella’s." Then he goes on to honor the longtime eatery that we're proud to have standing in our Town Center with a stellar review. He's generous in his praise off some of the best things on the menu at Lisabella's, writing:

"Here you can pair on-trend espresso martinis with cheesy baked oysters, pancetta-wrapped shrimp, and something called Mermaid Soup: a curried medley of lobster-coconut broth and shrimp—and mercifully, no mermaids."

The writer also nails the description of our beloved Port Aransas, touting the annual Texas SandFest and its festival atmosphere. He says Port A is "surprisingly happening and delightfully quirky."

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Thursday, May 26, 2022

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