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Last Homesite Release: Our Virtual Selection Process

Cinnamon Shore South is releasing its last homesites for buyers who want to build custom homes, with Selection Day on Wed., May 25th!

We're thrilled to offer buyers new opportunities in our charming seaside village, located on the outskirts of Port Aransas, Texas. And you do not even have to be on site to participate! Just join our Preferred Buyers program and be prepared to make your site selection with our easy, online selection form. Our agents will walk you through the process.

Every offer documented

What if multiple people make the same site their top choice? Then, each buyer has the opportunity to submit a new bid with their highest and best offer for the property, and the next round of bids are documented via a new offer sheet, email, or text. 

Our system gives buyers options to enter competing bids or to select a different property. Here's how it works!

Wondering how Cinnamon Shore Realty works through multiple bids on the same sites?


…there are multiple bids on a buyer’s 1st choice…                   


all parties may run in a separate bid on Wed., May 25th, with the highest and best bid securing the homesite reservation. Each bid is submitted via a new offer sheet, email, or text.
the buyer can move away from their 1st choice and to their 2nd choice.



there are multiple bids on the buyer’s 2nd choice…               


 same process as above will play out, with the highest, best bid winning OR the buyer may move on to their 3rd choice.



a buyer doesn’t want to compete in a new bidding process on May 25 for a property with multiple offers…                                                                  


they may move away from their original list of preferred properties to a site that does not have a competing selection.*

 *NOTE: All sites will still go through the bidding process before they are awarded. So, as the process plays out, buyer selections may filter down to your newly selected site, triggering a bidding process or another move to a site without a competing selection.


a site has only one interested buyer who selects it as their 1st choice…


…the buyer gets their 1st choice!

The Cinnamon Shore Realty team will start with the most popular lots first—the ones with the most selections from buyers--and work through bidding process or buyer moves as the day proceeds.

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Join the Preferred Buyers program by Tues., May 24th. You’ll receive pricing, property details and more—everything needed to make an informed decision! We’ll walk you through our virtual selection process so you can stake your claim in the prettiest village on the Texas Coast.

If you’re already a Preferred Buyer, be ready to make your selection. Sites will go quickly!

 Learn More About the Final Phase & Register for Preferred Buyer Program

To call for more information, dial 361-749-1851.

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Thursday, May 19, 2022

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