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BlogJune 2022Make an Ice Cream Run in Port Aransas!

Make an Ice Cream Run in Port Aransas!

In summer or anytime of year, going for ice cream just makes a day at the beach better.

So, where to get the best in Port Aransas? Right here in Cinnamon Shore there's Coffee Waves' gelato counter -- and you can't go wrong! But if you want to drive down the beach in your golf cart or go downtown for an outing, there are other prime places to indulge.

Will you choose waffle cone, cake cone or sugar cone? Or would you prefer a paper cup and spoon? Will you add sprinkles?The choices are what makes an ice cream outing fun. Here's where to look for a scoop -- or two! 

Coffee Waves at Cinnamon Shore on Market Street

What makes gelato so good? For one thing, it offers a more intense flavor than ice cream. reports that gelato is "silkier in texture and a bit denser than ice cream." So, it allows for stronger experience with the ingredients that make it fruity, or chocolaty or nutty. The butterfat in ice cream also tends to coat the tongue, diminishing some of its ability to taste the flavor. Both have plenty of sugar, but, according to Healthline, ice cream typically has 10%-25% fat content, while gelato has just 4%-6% fat.

And Coffee Waves offers an assortment of flavors. Check HERE for current hours of operation.

Desserted Island

100 East White Ave.

You can't miss the bit, pink building! Join the line at Desserted Island, where foosball and whimsical décor entertain while you wait for your scoop or Sunday.

With picnic tables outside under bistro lights, it's a fun place to head after a seafood dinner at the Port A harbor or downtown. In summertime, the line stretches out the door, but waiting is half the fun. Parents chat in line, while kids play the checkers or foosball. And once it's finally your turn, take your pick of Bluebell ice cream flavors or get a big banana split! 

desserted island port aransas

Port A Creamery  

210 N. Alistair

Another popular stop downtown, this ice cream with blue-and-white stripe awning also offers a cupcake of the day. In falls, it brings out its pie cooler for even more sweet treats. It offer creative flavors, such as its Blue Monster , a blue-tinted vanilla with chunks of chocolate creme cookies and cookie dough mixed in. You can even get snow cones in popular flavors from sour apple to tiger's blood. So, every visit is different!

port A creamery logo

Wherever you get your ice cream at the beach, we hope you'll spend some time at Cinnamon Shore. You can check out possible vacation rentals HERE

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Friday, June 17, 2022

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