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Media Buzz on the West Coast!

With an influx of Californians flocking to Texas, we're thrilled to get a great profile in two Golden State mags!

An extensive profile of Cinnamon Shore ran in Weekend Escapes Magazine and its sister publication Southern California Life, spreading the word on the Left Coast about the charms of our Gulf Coast village. 

Celebrating 'Memory-Making on Mustang Island'

The profile describes our village as "paradoxically off the grid yet bustling with social life." Writer Monique Ready flew into Corpus Christi and spent time in the village, getting to experience all of its charms. She calls Cinnamon Shore "a seaside neighborhood consisting of stylish homes, eateries, and family-friendly recreation, but mostly, a lot of interactive fun."

weekend escapes mag

Clearly impressed with the homes, interiors, on-site restaurants, pools, and other amenities, she says the village is "meticulously planned," giving a shout-out to our New Urban Land Planner Mark Schnell. She saw first-hand the way his New Urban master plan promotes authentic community with every detail, writing:

"While the activities offer fun and entertainment, the biggest perk of a getaway to Cinnamon Shore is the social life and connection that the area administers. In fact, the homes are built in close proximity to each other to encourage communication and friendship among neighbors."

See the full, digtial article HERE. The article also ran in a print edition of Southern California Life.

The Californians Are Coming...

A report from Dallas' WFAA last May notes that 37 percent of Californians say they've thought about moving due to high home prices. With a median home price of $800,000 in California versus a median home price of $362,000 in Texas, it's easy to see why many who do leave come to the Lone Star State.

In fact, approximately 20 percent of new Texas residents hail from California, according to WFAA's interview with Bill Fulton of the  Institute for Urban Research at Rice University in Houston. And analysis of U.S. census data between 2010 and 2020 by WFAA puts that figure at a whopping 34 percent. 

All of Texas will show trademark hospitality to newcomers, whether they move to a small town or a big metro area. And we can't wait for them to look for nearby beach destinations. Thanks to the coverage in Weekend Escapes and Southern California Life magazines, they may head for Cinnamon Shore.


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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Thursday, August 11, 2022

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