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5 Must-Haves in a Vacation Rental

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Buying or renting, check out the top items that make a rental home stand out.

Many who buy a vacation home want to aim for supplemental income from the rental pool. We asked our vacation rental team what elements make the most popular homes or condos. Here’s the top 5 on the list!

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No. 1 Kitchen Extras.

First, no one wants to rent a home without an ice maker, so that’s an absolute non-negotiable. Water filters signal eco-minded luxury. And many popular rentals include a wine fridge, chilling vino to the perfect temperature in time for a sunset toast. Remember, if a home description says the kitchen is “fully stocked,” guests expect to find quality cookware and gadgets, from a heavy-duty stock pot and skillet to quality knives, grater, and, of course, the wine opener.


No. 2. Good Mattresses.

True, no one sees them under the pretty coastal linens. But no matter how gorgeous the bedding, if your guests toss and turn, they won’t be renting your home again. Investing in quality mattresses for all the beds can turn first-time renters into repeat customers.

laundry room

No. 3. Multiple Washers/Dryers in Larger Homes.

Oh, how the beach towels and short sets pile up during a stay at the beach. When you share a big home with another family, the piles only get bigger. Having two or more sets of washers and dryers on different floors of the home is a little luxury that can turn into a big selling point with potential renters.

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No. 4. Board Games and Game Systems.

While the beach and pools provide all sorts of outdoor fun, old-school diversions inside a rental, like puzzles and board games, attract families looking to reconnect. Many of our popular homes include video gaming systems that entertain kids in secondary dens, too.


No. 5. A Signature Element or Indulgence.

Renters look for specialized features or customized experiences, whether it’s a cozy fireplace, outdoor fire pit, or hot tub. Nostalgic arcade machines, a pool table, or shuffleboard table also attract attention and provide fun competition to delight your guests.


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