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BlogJanuary 2023From the Ground Up: Follow the Progress!

From the Ground Up: Follow the Progress!

Meet the Wiggans Family--And Watch Their New Home Go Up!

Already part of the Cinnamon Shore Family, this San Antonio family of four is building a new vacation home at Cinnamon Shore South--and we'll walk through the process with them from start to finish!

happy homeowners Cinnamon Shore South Wiggans

Melissa and Scott Wiggans with daughters Brooke and Blair at their new homesite, Cinnamon Shore South

Discovering Cinnamon Shore

As real estate professionals in San Antonio, Melissa and Scott Wiggans know the value of coastal property. During a spur-of-the-moment stop at Cinnamon Shore on their way out of Port Aransas a few years ago, they saw the potential for a family tradition in the making. After another coastal property offer fell through, they decided to check out Cinnamon Shore at the last-minute.

“We were in love with the community before we left the real estate office,” Melissa says.

Current Owners at ‘North,’ Now Building at ‘South’

True believers in the Cinnamon Shore lifestyle, the Wiggans bought a home at Cinnamon Shore North in 2019, relishing beach vacations with daughters Brooke, 8, and Blair, 6. (They also have the home in the vacation rental pool, and you can check it out HERE!)

Vacation Rental Port Aransas 208 Round Road Dining Room

Current Wiggans Vacation Home at Cinnamon Shore North, 208 Round Road

Now they’re building from ground up at  Cinnamon Shore South—and they’re letting us walk through the process with them! The slab for the 'South' home is poured, and framing, under way. We’ll be following the progress and sharing tips and ideas along the way--inspiration for others who hope to build or own a beach home! 

"[Our builder] said 12-15 months and initially I was thinking, "OK. So, that means 18 months in builder language," Melissa says. "But I think it really will be spring 2024!"

Collaborating with Each Other and with a Great Design/Build Team

Melissa says the process has been thoughtful and engaging--a great way for she and Scott to connect over design details and dreams about elements they really wanted the home plan to include. "[It] ended up being a great opportunity for Scott and I to really  evaluate what we want in this new home," she says. "We would have date nights to discuss our vision and progress. I know people often joke about building being such a stress on a marriage but we have loved the chance to do this together."  

Architect: Davies Collaborative, headquartered in Austin
Builder: Under Way Construction, based in Port Aransas,
Interiors: Nicole Michaud of Colorful Transformations by Nicole in San Antonio

"The overarching goal of this home is to be a loving and happy place for us to be able to make memories with our children, our parents, our siblings and their families," Melissa says.

Wiggans Home South Port Aransas Construction

Under Way Construction has poured the slab, and framing is under way on the Wiggans new home at 'South.'

What's Next

Melissa and Nicole will head to Las Vegas to a builder show, with an eye out for materials, lighting, and other selections they want to use in the new home. "I really want a natural, earthy feeling in this home," Melissa says.

 Why Cinnamon Shore?

Our community is designed to be a walkable, New Urban village, and all of the reasons the Wiggans selected it for their vacation home related to that concept. Melissa shares the top reasons she and Scott felt such immediate attraction to Cinnamon Shore.  

  • It’s Family-Centric. “We wanted somewhere we could bring our young children, create traditions and host friends and family,” Melissa says.
  • It Fosters Tradition. “We loved the planned activities, great amenities, and large gathering spaces like the great lawn,” she says.
  • It Has a Master Plan. “We loved the thoughtfulness that was behind the community,” Melissa adds.
  • If Feels Safe. "We felt relaxed to let our girls have a little bit of freedom to run in the green spaces without the modern-day worry," Melissa says. "It kind of reminded us of our childhoods, when you could play outside until dark. In some ways it is like a step back in time in that regard."
  • It's Welcoming & Friendly. The team at Vacation Rentals, the pools, and on-site restaurants like Dylan's know the family by name when they visit, most often during the off-season. "They welcome us back, remember details about our family, and really are all so kind," Melissa says.

Watch for Updates!

We'll post periodic updates as construction continues on the Wiggans home and share updates on how interior design plans are going!

cinnamon shore south at port aransas

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Published by Jennifer Smith
Thursday, January 26, 2023

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