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The Coast is Calling You!


Living the Dream: Live & Work at the Beach!

As our merchant village expands, we're talking with exclusive Texas brands and proven entrepreneurs about a few, select retail spaces coming up! And we have room for a few more!

Do you have a proven boutique concept and long for a coastal collection and lifestyle? 

We're looking for a few unique boutiques to complement our Town Center offerings—savvy business owners who understand destination retail.

If you have a unique, exclusive brand that you’ve created in Texas and are also interested in branching out to include a new, coastal collection that would round out your lifestyle, then Cinnamon Shore could be a fit for your new venture.

This is such an exciting season in the life of Cinnamon Shore, and these few retail opportunities allow us to expand the 'heart' of the community to include our retail business owners. We welcome newcomers in our village, and a few businesses we know that would be complementary to the amazing lifestyle," says Jodi Peters, managing broker at Cinnamon Shore Realty.

Shopping in Port Aransas

Our merchant village is expanding at Cinnamon Shore.

You know us!

The business and boutique owners that would work well in our seaside village include jewelers, ladies or kid’s boutique owners, toy store owners, or pottery and candle makers. All of these could find a great coastal home in our seaside village! 

Reach Out Soon!

If you’re a pro at what you do and think about the coast as a second or third business home, then it just might be a good fit!  Please reach out to [email protected]

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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Cinnamon Shore Content Advisor
Thursday, February 23, 2023

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