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Why Winter Sunsets are Better

Brighter Colors, Clearer Skies

If the sunset seems to burn brighter this time of year, it’s not your imagination. 

Science says winter sunsets are best—thanks to clearer air, colder temperatures, and the angle of the sun. Plus, when cold and warm air collide, spectacular cloud formations give light more ways to splash across the sky. "The clouds act like a projector screen for the dazzling play created by the cool weather and sunlight," writes Roshni, a student writing for the Stevens Institute of Technology newspaper.  

The institute's article reports that cold weather skies have less pollen and fewer dust particles, so skies are cleaner during wintertime. Sunsets will appear less hazy as a result.

There's also less humidity. Rather than the orange sunsets of summer, you're more likely see colors in the light spectrum in the purple range, giving you the visual splendor of magenta skies, as shown in this gorgeous shot taken over Lake Gavin at Cinnamon Shore.

sunset port aransas

Photo: Courtesy of Katy Frank/Evoke Memories Photography


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Published by Jennifer Chappell Smith
Thursday, February 9, 2023

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