BlogMarch 2023Announcing: Photo Winners + New Contest!

Announcing: Photo Winners + New Contest!

tranquility_bert e.

What Will You Remember About Cinnamon Shore?

Our most recent contest asked you to share "My Cinnamon Shore Memories" -- and we had some gorgeous photos, like  "Tranquility" submitted by Bert. E. showcasing sunrise-tinted waves. It's one of our staff picks, and you can see all the contest winners below!

For our NEW CONTEST, running now through Labor Day 2023, the theme celebrates our seaside village as the premier place in Texas to spend time at the water's edge! 


Sunrise Waves Contest Submission: "Tranquility" by Bert E.

1st_Mark W.

1st Place: 'My Cinnamon Shore Memories'

Thank you Cinnamon Shore for being part of our magical proposal. You will forever be part of our most special memory.”—Mark W.

We look forward to seeing the happy couple when they return for the 4-night stay they won!

2nd Place

2nd Place

My husband's 89-year-old father joined us for the first time [at Cinnamon Shore] and loved it. We took this special moment to celebrate with a lasting photo...Cinnamon Shore is a great place to make lots of memories!”—Janet S.

3rd Place

3rd Place

“Grandkids love going to Cinnamon Shore every year. They love riding a golf cart…nighttime crab hunting and lots of family time and games at the gorgeous house.”—Kendall G.

Sunrise cowboy_Maribel G

Staff Pick: Coastal Cowboy

"Breathtaking ... at Cinnamon Shore North. Everything was beautiful...landscaping, cleanliness, and convenience of the on-site restaurants were more than we could have hoped. We will be back soon.”—Maribel G.

staff fave_David G.

Staff Pick: Golden Afternoon

"Making memories with my family that we will never forget. Sunset memories chasing dad, after enjoying amazing pizza by the fire!"—David G.

4deee2dbaa214adf83241f1c17455690large_Natasha M.

Staff Pick: A Twinkling Evening

"That peaceful, easy feeling you get when you walk back to this view. We absolutely love the community…it’s a perfect Texas escape."—Natasha M.

Coastal Nativity_Debbie D

Staff Pick: Sweet Seaside Nativity Scene

"Perfect Christmas Card photo op!"—Debbie D.

e73b8ee3981d4d32a4719e860360c12elarge_Heidi F

Enter 'Beach Days are the Best Days' to Win!

The more family and friends vote, the better your chances of winning!

1st Prize: 4-Night Stay in a 2-Bedroom Condo at Cinnamon Shore 

2nd Prize: $500 gift card toward a future stay at Cinnamon Shore

3rd Prize: $150 gift card toward a future stay at Cinnamon Shore


Photo Submission: "Had the best stay at Cinnamon Shore"—Heidi F.

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