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BlogJune 2023Port A Makes List of 8 Underrated Beaches

Port A Makes List of 8 Underrated Beaches

'The Discoverer Blog' Features our Hometown

In its recent list of off-the-beaten path beach destinations, Port Aransas features as a great family beach spot. It posits that the most well-known beach towns are known for a reason, but says: "...sometimes you feel the need to get off the beaten path, for wide sandy stretches all to yourself." It goes on to profile eight beach towns that deserve attention, including our very own Port A.

"The following beach towns are perfect destinations for travelers looking for sun and sand without the throngs of tourists."--The Discoverer Blog

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Port Aransas: Beaches, Dolphins, Tex-Mex, & Hiking

Here's how the blog describes our beach town.

"Port Aransas is a great beach destination for families, with 18 miles of shoreline along beautiful Mustang Island. Outdoor activities are plentiful, whether you want to paraglide, fish, kayak the inlets, or simply relax on the sand. Temperatures are mild year-round in Port Aransas, and the town is known for dolphin sightings, Tex-Mex, and great hiking opportunities."

Cinnamon Shore North Beach

Other Towns on the List

The other seven towns on the list, moving from the East, to Gulf, to West Coast, are:

•Lewes, Deleware
•New Castle, New Hampshire
•New Shoreham, Rhode Island
•Biloxi, Mississippi
•Anacortex, Washington
•Cambria California
•Crescent City, California

See the full article HERE.

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Published on Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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