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StyleBlueprint Travel Review

Best Girlfriend Getaways of the South

Featured as 1 of 5 destinations in the South where best friends can play and relax, Cinnamon Shore caught the attention of With the tagline “For a Life of Style + Substance,” the site called Cinnamon Shore a destination that "offers everything you need in one place."

Touting Lisabella's and distinctive vacation homes, the writer noticed the convenience of beach and lakes:

"In addition to easy access to the beach, Cinnamon Shore is also home to lakes and pools if you and your girlfriends are looking for even more waterfront fun. Lake Gavin and Lake Colby are both fully stocked with fish if you’re up for casting a line or two!

If you prefer to spend the day sunbathing while enjoying delicious food and drinks by the pool, head to Keira’s Pool. Overlooking Lake Gavin and the surrounding beach homes, guests can enjoy bar and food service from the nearby C Bar. Other on-site pools include Cabana Pool at ‘South,’ Dune Pool, and Still Water Pool".


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Photos: Stacy Lorraine Photography

Published on Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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