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BlogAugust 2023Timeline: Storm Prep, Planning & Response

Timeline: Storm Prep, Planning & Response

After the Storm

We're watching conditions and monitoring the community as Tropical Storm Harold makes landfall.

The storm came ashore south of Baffin Bay on South Padre Island, bringing rainy conditions to Port Aransas.

The developer and COA coordinate before, during, and after any storm with Port Aransas City Management, county management, police, fire, and utilities providers. Here’s a look at other steps we take in our storm prep and response.

Before the Storm

  • Prep grounds, securing common-area furnishings, lawn games, and trash bins.
  • Secure pool systems.
  • Coordinate with all Cinnamon Shore builders to secure all building sites.
  • Work with restaurants and retailers to prepare.
  • Communicate with owners and guests.


During the Storm:

  • Continually monitor the grounds, structures, pools, and common areas.
  • Report to COA General Manager and COA Maintenance Supervisor in real-time.
  • Constantly monitor conditions.
  • Communicate with owners and guests; monitor storm conditions, forecasts, and warnings.
  • Monitor drainage and lake levels for storm drainage for possible flooding.


After the Storm:

  • Survey and review all damage.
  • Coordinate with the city to plan any cleaning and repairs for the beach and other amenities.
  • Inspect all buildings for leaks and possible issues for repair or maintenance.
  • Take any necessary photos to document post-storm conditions.
  • Clear debris from the walk-over beachside entrances and make any necessary repairs.
  • Remove any debris from beach. 


Published on Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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