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Happiness Hack: Beach Time Taps Hormones that Help!


Release all the right hormones for that peaceful, easy feeling when you visit Cinnamon Shore! Here's how.

A U.K. site "Happy Place" shares how to hack hormones with simple activities and habits. Turns out, being at the beach can help you do many of them. No wonder it feels so good to be at Cinnamon Shore!



Activate 4 Chemical that Affect Your Mood

The Happy Place explains four chemicals in your brain that affect your mood, sharing the acronym DOSE. It stands for:

•Dopamine, the Reward Chemical
•Oxytocin, the Love Chemical
•Serotonin, the Good Moods
•Endorphins, the Pain Reliever

It goes on to list ways you can release those chemical for feel-good vibes--and you can do them all at Cinnamon Shore!


Dopamine: Sweet Rewards

For instance, strategies for releasing Dopamine include listening to music or trying something new. Who doesn't turn on the tunes at the coast? And maybe a vacation at Cinnamon Shore is new to you, or you try something like our Yoga on the Beach session for the first time.


Oxytocin: Feel the Love

For Oxytocin, the surge of happiness you feel with the "love chemical" can happen with hug or just by spending time with friends.

Who else do you come to the beach with other than the friend and family you enjoy being with you the most. At Cinnamon Shore, you get closer to the ones you love most.


Serotonin: Boost Your Mood

The good moods induced by surges of Serotonin come with exercise, basking in the sun, and a good meal, according to the Happy Place article.

You can do all of the above on the broad beaches and in the on-site restaurants or gourmand's kitchens in our Cinnamon Shore condos. 


Endorphins: Relieve Your Mind and Body

Finally, the Happy Place team cite laughter as a way to release endorphins. From front porches and Town Center fun to beach chairs and bonfires, moments with your people at the beach will have you feeling good. You can also release endorphins with a beachside exercise: workout in our Fitness Center at "North" or go for a run on the beach.


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Check out the original article from "Happy Place" HERE.


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