Live Music-Summer Schedule!


See who's playing at Cinnamon Shore North and Cinnamon Shore South during your stay!

Through Labor Day, we've booked singers and bands to provide concert fun and a great background to your weekends and holidays at Cinnamon Shore. 

7:30-10 p.m. | Cinnamon Shore North Town Center

May 26: Austin Forrest
May 27: The Jam Band 

June 2: Raeanne and the Ride
June 3: Richard Lockhart
June 9: Kevin Kurtz
June 10: John Amundsen
June 16: Sierra Dawn
June 17: Doc Carter
June 23: Frank Martin Gilligan
June 24: Thomas Michael Riley
June 30: Ty Dietz

July 1: Timeline Tribute Band
July 7: Raeanne and the Ride
July 8: John Amundsen
July 14: Kevin Kurtz
July 15: Dreaming in Color
July 21: David Martinez
July 22: Cruise Control
July 28: Austin Forest
July 29: Richard Lockhart

August 4: Raeanne and the Ride
August 5: Doc Carter
August 11: Kevin Kurtz
August 12: John Amundsen
August 18: Cruise Control
August 19: Ty Dietz
August 25: Richard Lockhart
August 26: Thomas Michael Riley

Sept. 1: Raeanne and the Ride
Sept. 2: Cruise Control

7:30-10 p.m. | Cinnamon Shore South Town Square

May 26: The Groove

June 2: John Amundsen
June 9: Ty Dietz
June 16: Raeanne and the Ride
June 23: Austin Forrest
June 30: David Martinez

July 7: The Groove
July 14: John Amundsen
July 21: Ty Dietz
July 28: Kevin Kurtz

August 4: David Martinez
August 11: The Groove
August 25: Austin Forrest

Sept. 1: David Martinez