'Ring of Fire' Eclipse | Oct. 14


A Narrow Swath of Texas is in the Path, Including Our Beach!

It's rare to be in the path of an annular eclipse, and even rarer to witness the phenomenon when you're at the beach! Join us for the weekend of Oct. 13-15 and enjoy a little nature lesson with the kids!

Eclipse Glasses Available!

We'll have the proper glasses available that protect your eyes so you can watch the event unfold!

What is an Annular Eclipse?

This type of eclipse happens when the moon moves in front of the sun, blocking almost all of its light except for a band of sunshine around the edges. Known as the "Ring of Fire," this phenomenon will be visible from the beach at Cinnamon Shore!


The experts says the moon's shadow begins blocking sunlight at around 11:41 CDT,, dimming the sky until peak coverage occurs just before Noon! Accroding to thegreatamerianeclipse.com:

The annular solar eclipse begins in Texas at 11:41 am CDT with the speed of the Moon’s shadow being 2313 mph. The annular solar eclipse leaves Texas at 12:00 pm CDT and the Moon’s shadow diminishes to 1736 mph. The maximum duration of annularity in Texas is 4 minutes and 52 seconds.

Book to Be Here!

Don't miss this opportunity to visit the beach during a truly spectacular event. You can even take advantage of our Fall Special -- booking 2 Nights, Getting 1 Night 50% off!