Whooping Crane Festival Returns


Feb. 22-25, 2024

Port Aransas celebrates this incredible shore bird—an endangered species that flourishes on Mustang Island! Birders can look forward to workshops, seminars, and, of course, tours to see these graceful creatures.

At the 27th festival, expect expert lectures, photography seminars, boat tours, volunteer opportunities and more. There are even field trips to see the birds of Lamar Peninsula at sites on The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and to Kings Ranch, where the historic ranch offers a chance to see more than 50 to 60 species of birds. You'll have a chance to enjoy local theater and a sunset dolphin cruise, too.

Register to Attend & Book to Stay at Cinnamon Shore

Register and buy tickets at whoopingcranefestival.org. But Book Your Stay at Cinnamon Shore for a wonderful winter weekend.